“To have the Right answers, we must ask the Right questions.
To have Progressive answers, we must have Evocative questions.”
~ Pushtiie Shiv Shakti ~


Ready to Transform your situation? I am here to help you through it with Spirit and the Cards by my side.  To get the best reading experience look at the options available here and book the one you feel best suits you in the present moment. 

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 A: An Email Reading

 You send me your question/s and I send you a reading within 72 hours of booking and getting your question/s. You receive a PDF with your reading and the pictures of the cards that came for you. In a mail, describe your situation for me in a few sentences. This helps me get clear about the deck and spread best suited for your situation, presently.

Session Fees
* 5 Questions: Rs: 1750/- Book or $28PayPal 

B: A Phone Reading

When you book a phone reading and send me your confirmation email, we decided a mutually comfortable time to make it happen. The reading will be done within 24 hours of the booking.

Session Fees
* 30 mins: Rs: 1950/- Book or $30 PayPal
* 60 mins: Rs: 3150/- Book or $47 PayPal

C: A Skype Reading

 We mutually decide what time suits us and meet up on Skype for your reading. When you send me a confirmation email, after you book, is when we take it forward and make it happen within a day. Bring your pen and paper to make notes and a cup of tea or coffee to relax, All your pressing questions are about to be answered, Immediately!

Session Fees
* 30 mins: Rs: 2150/- Book or $32 PayPal
* 60 mins: Rs: 3950/- Book or $58 PayPal

D: A One on One Reading

This is the option where you have the chance to be the most involved. Sitting before me you feel the energy magnified many times over. Once you book the reading and send me you confirmation email, we will mutually decide the time to best suit both of us. All you have to do is bring your question and an open heart and allowing mind.

Session Fees
* 30 mins: Rs: 3950/- Book or $58 PayPal
* 60 mins: Rs: 4950/- Book or $72 PayPal

I look forward to helping you identify your personal power energies, showing you how to best utilize them and sharing the magick with you.

Pushtiie Shiv Shakti ~*~
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