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Full Moon in Pisces

This is a powerful Moon to start letting go of things that do not vibrate with you anymore. To start the process you allow yourself to put together all that you have grown into and become. Evaluate things that make a big difference in your life and figure out where […]

Full Moon in Aquarius.

This is a highly passionate Full Moon in Aquarius and a rather important one. It is happening in The Dhanistha Nakshatra, in Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn. It is called the Star of Symphony and symbolised by the drum and the flute.  Rhythms, patterns and timing are of the […]

Grounding Meditation

The Grounding Chakra is located in the aura of the individual, about 1 foot below the soles of the feet. It is responsible for keeping the individual’s feet planted firmly on the ground. It effects on all levels, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. It is used when one is feeling […]

Full Moon in Sagittarius

The Full Moon is when the present energies reach a pinnacle. Have you noticed this shift for the past few days? How have you been feeling as the Moon grew and things around you started sprouting? Did you see the results you had worked towards? As the Moon reaches it […]


This is a Dark Moon in Gemini. It is happening in the Rohinin Nakshatra which is the red eye in the bull of Taurus. The two sides to this energy are extreme with frustration and impatience and anxiety on one hand. The others side is creativity, patience, self-love and sensitivity. […]

Scorpio Full Moon-18th May

This is a very powerful and special Full Moon. Not just because it is in Scorpio, but also because it is BUDDHA PURNIMA. This celestial event is happening in the ANURADHA NAKSHATRA.It is symbolized by one of the following three, the claws of Scorpio, a weapon and lotus blooming out […]