When you Book

When you book a reading…

You are encouraged to write me a mail, about your questions and concerns, @shakti@goddessbreath.com
I will reply to this mail within 36 hours and will either set up a date for a video reading or send you the date of your reading delivery.

When you book a reading you will receive

1: Specific Personalised Tarot Spreads created for your situation and questions when needed
2: High-quality photograph of Tarot Spreads
3: Oracle Reading for a final message from Spirit Guides

For Email Readings: You will receive a PDF Report with your reading and the cards photos.
For Video Readings: You will receive photos of your Tarot and Oracle layouts.

Office Timings:
10:00am to 5:00pm IST, Monday to Friday.
If you send a request for a reading after office hours, please allow me enough to get back to you.
Keep the weekend and public holidays in mind.

* All sales for readings are final.
* I hold the right to refuse a reading if I see it as inappropriate.
* I believe the Tarot can help and guide on your path forward, but YOU ALONE ARE RESPONSIBLE for your actions. The guidance in no way interferes with your Free Will. It only shows you possible outcomes and paths, to act upon them or not, is your personal decision.
* The readings DO NOT substitute medical advice on any level.

I look forward to reading for you.

Pushtiie Shiv Shakti ~*~
Energy Guide