Observing, Understanding and slow progress is the energy of the month this September. It may start with a legal situation at work. This will need you to be balanced and play fair. There may also be some money involved in getting it all settled. You might be made to feel like your work is not of the quality it needs to be. This can create the fear of losing it. The insecurity of less money will make you spend less. But listen to you inner voice and make the needed moves to have a successful outcome. If a new job or position is offered it will be best to look closely before taking it. Money will come in gradually but in plenty. Yet, this anxiety will affect your health is month. You may need to check on your blood pressure levels and your hormonal levels too. Make sure to go get help. Keep away from mood altering substances or your emotions will be like a yo-yo. It will be difficult to handle with the work pressure. But your relationships are a big help. Everyone around you is putting their minds together to see that you are stable and supported. On the other hand that can be a third party situation on the romance front. If you are spending time away from your partner, be aware getting temporarily involved with someone else. This will not be a pretty situation at the end for either of the three people involved. Stay grounded.


Some topsy-turvy energy with letting go and the need to fight some personal battles is the general flavor of this month. Work will start with a low but it will soon it will pick up. By mid month it will be just fine. There will be an increase in the orders for what you supply. Make place to promote the work you do with yourself as part of the promotions. For example, use your picture on a banner. This will give people more belief in your work. The money will come, but it is possible you might get a little greedy and spend some extra money on resources and the promotions. Be sure to budget and not get carried away with big expensive plans. It will be a lot of burden to carry afterwards. A few more avenues may open for money to come but it will prove to be very taxing for your health. If you are able to deal with the amount of work you are getting without disrupting your digestion you will be fine. The stress can also lead to muscle contractions. But you will finally come out healthier and happier. With the relationship you have to allow certain things to go even now because there could be some secrets coming out in the open. These were around you but in the dark. Now there will be light shed on them. If you are not aware thins might work towards you letting go of the relationship completely. But if you look at it from the other person’s point of view…Things will look different.


September is going to be a very masculine energy month. There are going to be disagreements and a sense of loss but there is also going to be a coming in of balance and massive change. At work you need to be completely transform the way you look and do things. May be just totally turn them around completely. The people you don’t give value to, the younger ones, need to be given some importance. There are ideas that need to be completely dropped and radically opposite ones accepted. The old will die, this month and the new will blossom. You will have to work out a central path with waiting to do things and listening to your intuition about moving forward this month, when it comes to money. There are points in the contracts that you have missed out on. Pay attention to it even if you have to delay the next step. This clarity will bring better results. There might be a work trip this month. Relationships can be a little disappointing this month. You are going to possibly going to mourn a certain loss. It can be a relationship or a degree of freedom you always had. But you will be strong and try to endure it which can, by the end of the month, burn you out. Chose how you want to respond to the situation with caution with yourself in mind too. Health is about to go for a big change. There can be some disagreements on the way a certain process needs to be proceeded with. But if you look at it, it’s all a little bit about the egos in the situation. Chances are some one or a certain condition is finally moving on. It can mean a complete recovery or go the other side. Keep your calm during discussions.


September, Cancer, has a very feminine energy classified by the attribute of receiving to give back abundantly and creatively. You are being told to follow you instincts and make huge changes towards recognizing the mastery you already have. With money, you are going to change a few minds and stand your ground in the bliss you know for sure now allowing anyone to shake it. A new door is going to open and you will walk through it even when people around you are not sure of it. But this is a successful endeavor you are about to embark on. There is an abundant incoming thorough this avenue. Even with work, you are going to invite the kind you always want to do stamping you seal of mastery on it. You may meet a master, in your field, who will take you under their wing after a little testing. It will be a blessing. Something will change with health. It could be the loss of someone or it can be the loss of your old ideas after last month’s rest and introspection. You will start a new journey for your personal wellbeing to reach the last leg. The old will go and the new will come in a space of solitude for you this month. Listen to your intuition and all it says to you when it comes to relationships. Some secrets will open up and some illusions will get shattered. In the end you will move towards healing yourself and the relationships in question. There is an aspect of nostalgia and sharing your childhood again. But don’t delude yourself about anything anymore. Examine this new found togetherness completely before you accept it.


This month starts off slow but by the middle things pick you considerable speed. You are going to have to pace yourself to avoid overwhelm. This will be most apparent with the health. Something might come up all of a sudden and without a warning. It will unhinge you a bit. Then caution is have a lot of water and keep the skin hydrated too. The feeling of dryness is possible. This might also be about the intervertebral disks, the cushioning between two bones of the spine. There can possibly be a little expenditure regarding treatment. Relationships seem to be calling out to some emotional drama this month. The feminine is going to be strong but melodramatic. Although she has all the answers she is going to make the man, possibly younger, work for it. The masculine is going to be grounded and open to accepting this drama for a bit. But it may not last very long. The wise thing to do here is not give the situation the cold shoulder vibes. Both individuals must invest intelligently and come to a common ground. Money, this month, is growing slowly and steadily. No need to try and rush things. This constant pace and incoming abundance can become a strong foundation for you. It also looks like you are going to feel more like yourself when you make the deal/s this month with money. You can use your energy and charisma to get work done. Be extremely grounded and balanced when you have to make decisions about work and investments. You, yet, don’t seem to have decided what it is that you want to chose. This decision is pending for two months now. You have plenty of potions and also many resources. Let this be your deciding month. All you have to do is look at it with practical eyes.


The basic energy of the month is decision making and charting you own path here on. With work you have some options that you will have to work with. These are ones that will affect your work for a long time. You may have to let go of a specific person, Air Sign or a few people who have, may be, cheated the business or you. This will bring a certain painful cycle to an end and a new beginning will emerge. This will bring a lot of forward movement too. Money is giving you an option. “How would you like to welcome me?” A new beginning in areas that are not mundane for you, personally. Things that challenge you and demand for your creativity to play an important role. But you will have to take some time off and think about this. Making instant decisions will not work. You will feel a little caught between the speed and the need to take your time. Find your balance. Relationships will see you making or accepting a new offer of settlement. If you are splitting you will have to work out the divorce with a lot of strength. It will compel you identify it from within. You will realize how capable you are. A Leo may be of some assistance here. There can also be a new relationship or house coming in. Meet a senior therapist or doctor or councilor who will help you get through something with regards to health. This can be a Water Sign individual and you may have to travel to see them or vice versa. It may take a while before you get the meeting. An active social life will keep you well. Be aware of your ego, even converted if it arises.


This is a month of Getting to a better place with almost every aspect after a little confusion in a few. The past drops away and the new is ready to take its place, immediately. In relationships, a beautiful and tender new beginning can be made. If you open your emotions and don’t feel any kind of fear with sharing them, it will be a start of a journey everyone wants. But the old of course has to be given its final farewell. It does not mean it will be easy. But the path forward will be obvious immediately. Transformative energy, Scorpio energy is extremely present here. With health there are a few decisions to be made. They may not be very big ones but that does not mean they are not important. Involve the people around you, who you know have been there to support you through this all along. You will have the help of Capricorn energy. It will be wise to be very sure of yourself or to take advice of one who knows their way around this kind of work. With the work aspect of your month, there is a double dose of Cancer energy present. This confirms beauty, grace, emotional consideration, learning for past experiences and much more. This month feminine energy is going to be prevalent so get ready to allow it in. Just be aware of constantly looking at the past, but not learning from it or moving forward. Money is going to be in a settling space. You will possibly come out of some kind of a catch with some slyness and take a few others to safety with you. A new opportunity, involving something you have already have experience with, may be offered to you. Be sure you want to take it up for it will mean starting right at the beginning.


Along with the Libra energy from last month you have an addition of Aries energy this month. Makes it very easy for the fire to go out of hand. But the calming Cancerian energy will give you a little relief. It happens to be in the relationship aspect that you will find some calm. There is Cancer energy to give the situation the right kind of emotional input. Just remember not to make things melodramatic. You have the ability to ground yourself if you so choose to. You can make some firm decisions about what and who you want to be in a relationship right now. The seeds have to be sown and foundations can be built this month. If you need help from another person don’t hesitate to get it. It will be the right move. Health may have you visiting a doctor who is an Arian. You may be introduced to a new and fresh technique to get better. You energy seems low but it will be well taken care of this month. Spending time outdoors will do you a world of good. You may want to try getting off pills if you take them regularly. Things may have to be safeguarded when it comes to work. Your ideas of expansion and the new techniques you want to use can be skillfully taken away from you. It will send you back to the drawing board, but this time with much more clarity. Your focus will get stronger and you will correct any kind of flaws that you made before. But it is better to keep everything safeguarded this month. Discipline needs to be the way for you with money. You are encouraged to be stubborn with the savings. Take charge of this aspect the best you can. You will be responsible for moving the money situation to a much better and easy place to deal with. Thoughts will move from problems to problem solving ideas. Everyone will benefit.


This is a rather emotional month for you Sagittarius. The manifestation and the underlying energy is both laden with togetherness and the need to create more of it. You will have to battle your mind between rest and over work too.  Work is going to be abundant and happy. The family may get involved with it as well. There are possibly a few new projects you will start and they will be very successful. Focus on the feminine aspect of your work. Be it the women at work or the attitude you are using at it. You need togetherness and a soft nurturing approach. The decisions and shift at work this month will go a long way for you.  This will affect your mental and emotional space when it comes to money. You will feel like you are unable to keep up with it and need more research. There will be confusions and a lack of sleep. You will need to calm down and use your creative abilities. Go back to the basics and even if it feel like a childish idea. Health is another area where you will have to take some rest and time off from planning. The over thinking seems to be creating more trouble than anything else. You are advised to simply take alone time and see what the present situation actually is. You may have to repeat a dose of medication or a certain exercise plan that did you good earlier.  But that will happen when you a quiet and at rest for the outside world. You have strong Cancerian energy in the month when it comes to relationships. Your connections to your siblings and people from your childhood will take precedence. You need to either rebuild or sort out these relationships by being the bigger person. There may be a lot of drama to encounter but it will be all worth it at the end. Just don’t let this effort get the better of you and drive you to use mood altering substances.


A sense of identity that leads to more adventure and with it comes speed and suddenness. Your family will be part of your process while you discover what it is to re-define yourself this September, Capricorn. You are all set to plan and the advice is to plan big. This is the time you plan with the world in your sight. Nothing is big enough. There are people round you who will support your planning and growth. Another Capricorn may be able to participate. But the feeling is that you have to be your best buddy here. Someone from the opposite gender can be a great support system with your financial and work integration. You may branch out of where you are too. With money you are just abundant and fulfilled. But that does not stop you from wanting to get creative and energetic about a new project. You may want to find different and innovative ways to make, save and invest money. You may also get some ideas from someone younger. Look into them, they may just be interesting after a little tweaking. On the whole, all that you were waiting to start with finances, should begin this month. Family relationships are going to take all your energy this time. You will have to work really hard at making this happen since the past has been a little difficult. Spending time with them may open you up to certain secrets that will tell you how the family has been surviving emotionally and standing beside each other for so long. You can use these in your life, specially your romantic life. It’s like being given a share of the ancestral property. You will learn and master then soon enough, after which you can break the rules. Something all of a sudden seems to be happening with health. Especially with the bones and the nerves. It may have been over and treated in the past but a relapse is possible. You might have to start treatment again and recheck your plan this time. If more tests are needed, make sure they are the right ones and the results don’t get changed.


This is a month of important shifts and making very grounded decisions and not getting caught up in the emotional drama of it all. This will be possible because you have the support of the family. Over all it is a month of energetic forward movement. With work, you are basically quite satisfied but you want that little more. There are chances you will get an offer that will sound very interesting and lucrative to you. The guidance is to be aware and awake to all sides of this offer, it can possibly come from a Capricorn individual. Take a careful look for they may not be showing you everything that needs to be taken into consideration. Stay alert. Money is asking you to make a decision about some kind of partnership. You could be making partner or be taking on a partner, professionally or personally. A marriage where two major households are becoming one is looking possible. This is happening because you are excited to get out of a situation or because it has been a long-standing dream for you. So, partnership will bring money and new ventures. On the relationship front, there is a certain family gathering that bring you an inheritance you possibly did not see coming. A family trip is also possible. But there is also a kind of cutting off with someone who did mean a lot to you. A new intellectual beginning has brought you to this situation right now. Try to keep the whole family together, instead to allowing any kinds of separations. Health wise you will need to be careful about some kind surgery. This may be of any magnitude but it will definitely make a big impact. Take a second option before you do anything and also spend some time reflecting if you truly need this happening for you right now. Impulse may be the go to emotion for you, but the truth is that you need to be really grounded about this decision.


 This is a major month for all of you Pisces. The only thing missing in here is the need for emotions. Its is a rather dry month that will need a constant input of juice from you. It is the kind that will make it all work and not play. The tempers will be high and you will need to make a conscious effort to control yourself. With work, you are completing a cycle that possibly did not allow you to have too much control. This is the reason you are trying to control everything as much as you can in the new cycle that is beginning. You know what needs to be done, but remember to stay open to ideas, others may bring to the table too. There could be some sexual tension between you and someone at work. The guidance is, you don’t always have to indulge. An international work trip is also possible. It could be for research too. Tempers are going to be high when it comes to discussion money. You will, automatically, fall into the past patterns instead of looking into the new ones that are being created. There can be a break from an old source of abundance while a new one, may be, will take a while to appear. All said and done do not allow the ego to rule this aspect of your life, specially, this month. Relationships are looking more sexual than emotional. You could get addicted to the wrong person or the wrong substances, this month. May be, because you are trying to get over something you may have experienced in the past few months. Allow emotional intelligence to guide your way here instead on just the fire within. Your heath is doing well. A very practical decision you have made in the past has brought you to this happy space. You may also want to start a new something for yourself that others consider, either, a waste of time or a little dangerous. It will actually be successful for you, in the health department.

Blessed September.
Pushtiie ~*~

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