Pushtiie Shiv Shakti

Welcome to Goddess Breath.
I am Pushtiie Shiv Shakti, your Reader and Energy Guide.

17+ years ago, I had the opportunity to meet a deck of tarot cards in my “only” teacher’s house. I was to go for a reading and landed up learning. I was a young healer, all of 20, full of magick in me. My teacher called me a Mystical Being and said I was sent to her to “revise”, not learn the cards. What more could a twenty year old need? I believed in her words and took off on my spiritual journey, equipped with “one more” tool in my bag…


I was already doing much energy work like Reiki, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy to name a few. Interpreting the signs from the Universe, like a leaf falling at a particular time and place, were second nature for me. I think this and my awareness of life in general, made me the kind of reader, my teacher said, would CHANGE LIVES!

Few years after that, with a wider knowledge of cards and other modalities, I chanced upon a time where all that my teacher had said started coming to pass. I did change lives! It started in person and went online before I knew it. I became the Official Tarot Reader for Shaadi.com and a few more sites called on me as a guest columnist. I started combining the magick of the cards with the healing I had been gifted with. It changed lives… Including mine!
Here is what many of my friends and clients have to say.

Sheetal R Ahuja … Healer
Pushtiie, you are par excellence.. loved your readings/counselling and your approach towards a session!! The Goddess indeed breathes within you and radiates through you.. Thank you for being a contribution and providing solutions which were simple but so effective 🙂 Thank you Pushtiie 🙂
Loved your altar!! Its so sacred and divine!! Loved the mystical signals we got through our reading!!
Much love to you Pushtiie 🙂

Jincy John
My phase of spiritual awakening was going really scary, I had no clue what should I do and whom to talk about it. I was really confused, curious and scared of what’s happening to me. That’s when I got a sign to get in touch with Pushtiie. She helped me with her reading and guided me well with few things which I started implementing in my life.
Pushtiie you made my life sorted!!!
Thank you so much Pushtiie for being my guide in the present spiritual phase of my life……
May God continue to bless you to help more and more people who are seeking for help.

Today, after so many years, my style of reading has changed. I have come to believe, everyone has a secret KEY to unlock their lives. My purpose here is to shine the light on that KEY and help you with the understanding of how to use it, most efficiently.

I look forward to sharing the magick with you
Pushtiie Shiv Shakti ~*~
Your energy Guide