There is shock and disregard, all bundled up into one, this month. It’s not an easy month and the highs and lows are going to be constant. There can be a new offer coming your way in the relationship area, but you are not paying attention to it. It may be with a family member and you may have had this experience before, enough, to disregard it. Please look. This is not your run of the mill offer. Don’t let your experiences of the past dictate how you are going to behave in the present. Start to learn afresh. Health wise things are better. This does not mean you don’t need to give it attention. Continue with your physical activity, even if it is just very gentle. You can change your path… kind of medication, this month, to accelerate the pace of your healing. Take a weekend off in a retreat for your health. Be aware of an offer that sounds too good to be true, it possibly is. Happily enough, money is in abundance and there are more avenues opening for even more money to come. Just look around you and you will see that they have been around you for the longest time, you have just not paid enough attention to them. But with work, there can be a little dissatisfaction. You might believe that you have made a wrong decision and start changing things. Relax. It will automatically get better as you focus more on the solutions than the issues.


This is a month of slow movement and looking beyond the present. There can also be flashes of suddenness. As in relationship wise you will come to a space where you will want things to go forward with the person you are getting an offer from. But you will notice it as not completely thought out as yet. This is the time you take a stand and make sure what you want is well communicated. No matter what kind of a relationship it is. Take your time before you jump into any kind of a commitment with another person, be it romantic or just family. The pull will be very strong and difficult to resist. But your slowing moving work life will ask for more attention. You can possibly inherit part of your family business this month. Or the family can offer to invest in your work. Look at ancestral property dealings too. An Earth Sign will be a good mediator. An Air Sign or someone with those tendencies of clarity, will help bring personal clarity with your money situation, helping you move forward with focus. The tendency to keep looking over your shoulder may overpower your month with money dealings. The good news is, there might be an incoming of money form some of the work you have done in the past now. You will also have many options to make more money if you start adjusting your expectations and actions. But it will take a while this month.


It’s a month of accepting the opposites while you deal with a little heart break and boredom, all at once. There is a strong feminine energy at the work place. It is will keep you in check with the boredom you are feeling. A strong Cancerian energy will guide you here. Be aware of an extramarital affair at work. Other than that you will want to find new ways of reinventing yourself in the professional sphere. With the amount of experience you have and the help coming, you will do a satisfactory job. Yet, this will shine a light on the money. There is a new journey you are beginning here. It will be a very successful one and bring in abundant possibilities of expansions and shining. A young Fire Sign, maybe a Leo, will be very enthusiastic to start with you. Obstacles will be overcome this month. Relationships will reveal some hidden truths and secrets to you. This may shift you a bit but you can hold your ground. Some of you might want to put a distance between yourself and the person you are dealing with. You could consider taking a small trip around where to live to work on yourself and your emotions while works is always on going. Just look at where you could have been more supportive and sharing in your relationship. May be you have been too dull recently. This might happen around the Full Moon or the Dark Moon. Health at this time is hinting towards a heart break and certain criticism. So take care of yourself emotionally. If you have a physical heart issue, even in the least degree, get it checked. You will have a powerful Earth Sign, possibly a Sagittarius, will be able to guide you here. It can be a personal trainer who brings back your energetic self to the fore.


There is a fresh new energy around you wrapping up the past hurts and the emotions you are still dealing with. But the genuine power comes from the ability to take control and make things shift the way you truly want to. There is a trip and alone time indicated this month for more than one reason. Although there is a bit of the hurt and confusion at work, you are busy. You are studying some new areas of your subject so that you can specialize in it. There is a confirmation of a project or job that you have been working towards. This is going to be very successful. It’s a celebration. It will also bring in the money from unexpected areas. An Earth Sign individual is possibly going to help you make sure of this. The investments with a house and long term will possibly pick more speed and need some extra attention. Do you need a loan or is someone just investing finance in you? Relationships still see you hurting and living in the past. You are gradually coming out but you keep looking over your shoulder time and again. May be you just want to leave it all back and stay away for a while. You are looking for a more substantial relationship. Now you have figured what you really want from it. It can be your last visit to the past. Health is great. You may want to start a new kind of diet routine or change your life style completely to give yourself a fresh new start. You usually need people to support such an endeavor but this time you are going to have the courage to do it by yourself. You will also study it little more.


There is a lot of transformational energy showing this month and it is fueled by a deep realization that shows you the need for grounding in your life. One of the biggest realizations is coming in the area of health. There could be a difference of opinion that elevates to a fight and all the cordial behavior will come crashing down. This will lead you to taking off. Either you will stop communicating because of eth hurt or you will physical distance yourself. But the fact is that it will all just remain there till you sort it out. Communication is a key even with relationships. It looks like you are trying to find a way to express what you need to but it’s not happening like you would hope it to be. You need more clarity in your own mind and a good, clear vision on the future. Once you know what you want, you will be able to express it. A huge transformation at work is making you work doubly hard. You may even hire a master in the field to help you. But there will be changes on this front that will affect your work in the long term and very positively. Would you like to learn something new in relationship to this subject? Now is a great time. A Scorpio energy will aid the transformation beautifully and successfully. A Capricorn energy will help you to move to a much better place when it comes to money. You may have some debt that needs to be paid off and this month it will start. You will begin to get to a much better place with help. You will have help making wise decisions with your finances here on. The best way to getting the most out of this is again communication. If you have clarity in your thoughts that words will come out very easily.


There is a lot of fire in the month, Virgo. It’s all about dropping the burdens, making a decision and standing your ground at the end. The cycle that started last month with work will come to an end. It was troublesome and you need to let go of the weight you are carrying around. Go back home and look at the new offer that is being given to you by a Water Sign. It can be a little immature but if you work on it, it will shine. Money also has a new offer by a younger Earth Sign. It’s a better thought of than the other one. There is a potential you will travel for work and may have to relocate. This is a successful beginning for you. This may, yet, cause the relationship to go under the magnifying glass. There is, obviously, a few decisions to be taken. Making sure you have heard the other party out is important. There are friends who will help you, two for sure. But you may be ignoring a blessing you are getting as the answer to your problems here. Pay attention and you will not miss it. It’s not time to be self-absorbed this month, instead look in every direction for the guidance coming to you. With health you will have to start de stressing and working on your nerves. The more anxious you allow yourself to feel the worse the health will get. You need to spend time near water and also drink a lot of it. You will get into the mood to work on your health so start making plans with the help of the right people. It’s another powerful new beginning.


This is a progressive month for you Libra. A lot of abundance and happiness is on its way. It may have a little bit of a dull spell in between, but overall it’s a great month. Starting with work… There is a new beginning with the way you work or even the kind of work you want to do. The beginning will be fiery and strong and then the sustenance will happen with nurture. The inspiration you have will be great if you act on it immediately. This is not the time to set it all up. Action is the word. As soon as you do that allow the very feminine energy of the pampering take over to make it grow just right. Does your work involve anything to do with pregnant women or women in general? This brings us to the relationship. You are going to find a great person with very grounding and settling ideas and energies. They kind you want to take home to mummy. Emotionally, mentally and financially, a strong individual is around you. May be a Capricorn. This could lead to an engagement or a wedding this month Libra. Ready for the commitment? It will provide you with a beautiful foundation. Money, on the other hand, could be giving you nightmares. You are over thinking it and not allowing anything to happen of its own accord. Trying to control everything is not going to work. You need to take a little break from it. The two voices within don’t make it easy. Just pause… and rest. Health is asking you to look into the emotional aspect and the bodily fluids as well. May be there is a pregnancy and the uterine fluid needs to be looked into. Otherwise, just keep your bones safe.


The truth about people is going to emerge this month. A few may be difficult to digest while some will be a blessing. There are unions and there are desolations. You will be able to handle it just perfectly. Two different paths may open up at work and you have to take one of them. If you are creative enough you may want to find a middle path and include both of them. But there are people around you who will fight that notion and even bully you if they need to. You will have to think this path out really well and not get dominated by the ones who cannot see things your way. Don’t give up. Backstabbing is possible where money is concerned. You will see the truth of the people around you through the incident. But this puts an end to a cycle that have been turning for a while. You may be tempted to look over your shoulder now. Being careful is wise, but being paranoid is just not worth it. With health you have emotional issues more than you have physical issues. Be aware of taking to the bottle, it’s a strong possibility this month. The wise thing to do is to employ the pause mechanism and look at what you are standing between. The more clarity you have the better you will be able to move forward. Conflict can be a teacher. Relationships are leading up to a union. This does not only mean a wedding. It can mean getting in touch with people you have lost contact with too.  There is Gemini energy in your month. Either you are going to meet two people or you are going to be in two minds about the meeting. Once your mind is made up about this though, there will be no stopping you.


There is a lot of solitude and doing things by yourself this month Sagittarius. Some battles are to be won while some are already won. The introspection is leading to new viewpoints too. Work is seeing you make progress while being open to younger suggestions. You may be hiring some interns that will change the way things move. Their energy is all in the mind and you will have to be the one that applies it and manifests it. This will mean having to let go of age old habits. You will also have to guide the energies these younger ones carry. They are all excited and will simply rush it. With money, you are taking your time to see what you have right now. Taking stock of the situation will help you make up your mind about where you want to go from here. The guidance is don’t keep living in the past and curtail your energy because of it. Take action. If you have to critique and cut habits or people out of your financial life, do it. This inspiration is coming from the years of experience you have.


Although there is new growth and expansion this month, there is still illusions and secrets around you. You have to learn to let go of it and start looking at the truth. You need to, quintessentially, be grounded, this month. Mental health is calling out more than physical health this time. With all that has happened last month you are still holding on to things that do not matter. You do feel your belief is our strength and it come to you in moment of solitude. But sometimes you have to barter those old beliefs in for new ones that hold true in the present moment. You need to have a good long emotional conversation or get into therapy to heal you heart and mind. It will be tough on your ego, but will do wonders in the long run. With all that you went through last month in the relationship area, you are trying to bring balance. The Taurus individual may still be around and the lessons may continue. In any case, you are going to want to let go of your illusions here as well. Don’t start feeling all romantic or attached to this person just because they have taught you a lesson others have not been able to. You are just discovering secrets that you have held within you for the longest time. This person is just that facilitator. A Pisces individual may also enter the picture. But they will cause more illusions. With work and money you are planning something new and are completely in charge. The Leo and Cancer energies at play here are giving you a grounded center to start with. Travel can happen and meetings with international people or organizations will prove fruitful. Just keep yourself in the rider’s position and you will be able to handle all the apparent opposites coming to you. This is also a great time to revise your investments and make new ones to secure your future. Don’t be a very big investor at work for this month. If you have to, wait for June.


The mind is taking precedence over everything else this month for you, Aquarius. The fire is burning bright and is almost getting out of hand. Somehow you don’t seem to, naturally, have enough water or calm to control it. You need a little rest, this month. The ego is having a field day at work. You seem to have either already burnt something down to the foundation and lost some valuable connections or it is possible you are about to do it. On the other hand, you may have been involved in someone else’s journey in doing this. The basic reason is passion.  Following our passion is great, as long as one does not forget the present situation. There can be a romance at work. Ask yourself who out of the two is not willing to commit? Personally you seem to have had a victory with relationships, recently. You are full of that energy and are now looking at the options and opportunities that are around you. A work of caution, don’t get carried away with the fantasy and the illusions you are shown. They can even be self-created. Be aware. With money you are holding yourself back weather you know it or not. You are over thinking this situation and that is making it look much harder. The fact is that the truth is a little different n this situation. You can come out of it real easily of you let go of the need to victimize yourself. Right now you are sending out the signal of being accepting of criticism and blame for the financial situation. Step out willingly and that too will change. Your health is looking really great, this month. You have taken the time to rest and recuperate, recently. This has brought you a new found energy wave that will last for a bit. But you definitely need to rest more. Make sure you need to take all the different medication you are. The guidance is that you may get the opportunity to lose some of it, at least.


A lot of emotion is present in this month, Pisces and you also have the mind to bring that to balance. Although it is present, there is a depleted amount of fire and balance. The effort this month for you will be to bring that stability in every conscious way. On the work front you have been through much and you have finally come to a space of inner stability about it. This is also the foundation where you will base the abundance and plenty coming to you now. This is a month where you will start getting the kind of expansion of projects and rewards you have wanted. New things will come up constantly and you will have to make some decisions about what you want to pick. With money, it’s a celebration. You may go on a small trip that will earn you good money. If you are looking for a new venture or avenue to start work in, try anything to do with liquids or something to do with women centered products. It can also be in health care. Just remember to stay practical. In the past your relationships have had you getting dominated. You may not have felt very comfortable. Or was it the other way around? Either way, you are now coming into a space of balance. But there is a possibility you will want to fence off certain deep emotions to protect and safeguard yourself. That is not the space you want to be in. Keep yourself focused and open to the wonders of affection. Health wise you just need more rest. The month is the kind where you will also have to take a look at everything you are doing for it, so that you can bring a complete sense of stability and equanimity to it. Balance is the key word. If a surgery is needed, make sure it is just absolutely necessary.

Blessed May
Pushtiie ~*~

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