This is a month of absolute abundance and juggling that abundance. Staring with work… there is going to be an offer of expansion. There can also be an offer for a new job or project that you have had your eyes on for a long time. There will be many options. You just have to be careful about the people around you. Don’t let them take away what is rightfully yours. Keep your ideas safe. This kind of work will lead an inflow of money. You will have enough money to save, invest and spend this month. Again there is travel indicated. There is also a possibility of an offer from abroad where you will earn a lot more money. Something about environmental concerns. A cycle is over and starting all over again. Health wise it is not all that stable. It is simple aches and pains related to the tightening of the muscles. But it is better dealt with immediately. It could also be a little nervous tension. The best way out is meditation and yoga or tai-chi.. It will also help when you have an unfavorable event happen in your love life. There might be some lies and deception that you will have to deal with where your feelings for the person just vanish all of a sudden. But there is also the indication of something new and beautiful coming your way. The order can be different but both these events will potentially occur this month, Aries.


New beginning wrapped up in over expecting mastery is what this month look like for you, Taurus. Health wise there are new and satisfying beginnings. You will express all that you are holding within and this will eliminate much of the illness, even physically. But remember not to use drink as a way to open up. You don’t want to get addicted to the crutch you use. You are on the way to recovery from any other illness possibly even a surgery if it has happened this or last month. Relationship wise… There is a beautiful beginning with someone. This can be one with an existing partner or it can be with someone new. May be an Aquarius… Just make sure to check their marital status before you jump in. It will be a very nurturing relationship for the moment. Don’t start planning a life together just yet. Although work is giving you nightmares or may be sleepless nights, you have to keep at it. There is no need to do more research and study this month. Be confident in what you already know. Just a little looking around is ok. The pressure you create on yourself can cause health issues. You need to pen in rest time with your work schedule on a daily basis to re-energize. But I guess the potential conflicts that you are having at work may not give you enough space for that. Don’t get bullied into giving away your ideas just because another feels they should have them. Stand up for what you believe in and even if that leads to an argument, brave it.


This month sees a lot of cycles coming to an end and many new beginning too. But you need to be careful of the kind of decisions you make, they will have long term impacts on you. Especially with money, it is an important month. You seem to be starting with some bad decisions. There may be some lying and manipulating energy, like Capricorn energy, that can impact you. This will lure you in to make it look like it is going to grow and settle you down. But this is not what it looks like. Be aware of this person/event. You can help yourself in this situation by slowing down, to begin with. You need to make balanced decisions that will benefit everyone involved, especially your loved ones. Work has the same energy. You will have to plan well and in much detail for the work to expand. You are waiting for the results of your past efforts and they are about to come in. You will have success. The family or ones that have become like a family will put in finances for you this month. There can also be you taking over the family business and working on expanding it. Honor this gift from the elders. Relationships are going to be like walking on a tightrope while you keep the fine balance going with the professional life. This can feel like hard work and also a burden. Maybe you are taking on the responsibilities of the other too. Tactfully give back to everyone their own responsibilities. This kind of stress is the only thing that is affecting health. Allow the support of the family to ease some of it. Don’t spread yourself too thin. There will be a lack of energy and joint pain mostly with knots in the shoulder areas to look out for.


There is clarity and addiction and also new offers and leaving the old behind all rolled up into this one month for you Cancer. You seem to be taking a break from the ones you love this month. It could be a physical trip or just an emotional and mental distance you are purposefully putting there. You just need space to sort your feelings and not have the others breathing down your neck Just keep in mind, it will all be right here when you come back. Health needs immediate attention. There can be a bad influence, a Capricorn possibly, that will get you addicted, especially to sexual activity. But drinking or emotional dependency may also feature. It may feel beautiful to start with, but this can have some massive repercussions. Pay attention to your genitals this month. Look out for transmitted diseases. Get a complete body checkup. With work you are focused and clear. Cutting out parts of your work that actually only take too much time and effort without much of a payback. You are streamlining the job with the help of an Air Sign. This can be an assistant or a manager you hire for yourself. There are papers and contracts here this month and you need to be shrewd and sharp about them. Don’t sign anything without getting an expert to read and clarify the contract. Money will come from doing the things you love and loads of it too. But you might feel overly burdened with the accounting and tax work that needs to be done for it. Allow someone else to take on that responsibility while you have the roles specified to them. It’s going to be the end of a certain cycle here.


This is predominantly a very emotional month where you will need to have a lot of grounding and mind work to bring it balance. Starting with work, you are going to be flourishing and growing. If you are starting something new, make sure it is related to beauty, health, liquid or something feminine. It is possible to find success immediately. But you have to be grounded and thing well about how you are going to grow this. Take help from an Aquarian energy. Money will have to introspecting more than creating this month. You will take time to think and get wise council about the investments you want to peruse. This is the right path to take. You may also come across as extremely cold and aloof to people when it comes to financial discussions. You might want to keep it to you for now. But a Cancerian woman can be extremely helpful here. Just don’t get into any kind of drama. With relationships you are possibly going to think of a little sabbatical. You do not look like you want to indulge in one right now. You are reevaluating your past experiences and finding out if you want them to change or grow. Tap into your subconscious to find out. The Full Moon and Dark Moons will be important this month for relationships. Progress with health may be at a stalemate right now. The decision has not been made yet and there are more viewpoints coming in from the family at large. May be you want to combine two treatments to come to one that works best for you. If others in the family have had the issue, ask them for their guidance.


The energy of this month is predominantly solitude and yet there is a sense of togetherness and group activity. You will show a lot of courage on your work front this month. In the past you have had a lot of options to deal with. This month you will come to a decision. But not without a lot of mental churning. You will see that the decisions are in your hands and not one can help even if they try to. You are closed. Yet this month will see you surmount the obstacles and accomplish things that had been slowing your work down. Stay away from playing the victim. This will lead to you balancing the self and the circumstances. Things may be slow with the money but they will start getting into place, mid-month. An old acquaintance, friend or family member may bring an offer that you will find interesting. Just take time to evaluate it before you jump in. The money will finally get stable. Relationships indicate a third party situation. It can be about you or your partner being with another. It can also mean a new entrant in the house. A marriage or a baby. The warning is about a very attractive, influential individual that may come to shake things you. Keep your senses of high alert. Communication and togetherness is the key. With health the same thing applies. Talk about what is happening to you. Address the issue immediately and not by yourself. If it is a simple retreat to take rest and spend alone time, do that. But keep in mind that you have to communicate. A Fire or Earth Sign is waiting to help you out.


This month has a lot of grounding and stability for you. The extremes will of course show up too. But you have to stop looking at the past and start thinking for yourself. You have the ability to bring in absolute clarity too. The relationship is seeing a change in the kind of person you may meet or become. The qualities that are coming about are very Taurus like. Grounded, settled, dependable, calm and yet full. You may not believe you can have this. There will be a moment where you just hold yourself back under the guise of taking in the situation. But don’t. You have a provider, accept it. At work you have similar Taurus energy that is guiding you to find your own. You will possibly decide to take a little time away and decide what kind of work and how you want to do it. It’s like you’re mixing a few areas and coming up with one that is uniquely you. But don’t forget to seek out advice and follow tradition to a certain extent. What are you looking at in the past when it comes to money? Why is it difficult for you to stay here instead of just running in the opposite direction? You need to stay put this time. The proverbial battle is now only in your head. If you look for yet another avenue, you may find it. But you will not be able to do it justice. Just complete what you have started and that will give amazing results and make you abundant. Health sees you extremely energetic or just pretending to be it. But the mind is still trying to make something better. You are fine, just take a moment to see what the muscles and skin have to say to you this month. The wind in the body needs to be sorted out as well.


Although you like to be in your own zone and by yourself, there will be celebrations and energetic new beginning all month. They will be supported with a clear mind and decision making abilities. With work there is a chance you will start looking at things with a new, more active perspective. Action is the energy of them month for you. This will show you many paths and you will have to choose from them. Be clear, you don’t want things to get all confusing. Money is getting new avenues along with a team or new associates. You will have to be crystal clear and the plans you made last month, can go into action. This will be a success if you just cut out all that does not make any sense. Things need to be out in the open and honest. Health sees you trying something different. But, you are not open to discussing it with everyone. You have done your research and have started with it. You will tell people about it when you are confident it will work, at least, a forty percent. It can almost be like cheating on the current techniques you have been using. You know there are more and they will work as well if not better. Romantically, you are totally in your element. There might an inclination to try out some homosexual experiments. Or relationships with the same gender, be if family or friends, will take a lot of your time and attention. Just don’t go into a shell if what you try does not work out. Experiments often take time to show results or just fail. Try again.


From transformations to taking risks and beginning new cycles, this month includes it all for you Sagittarius. There are also trips and offers and certain long awaited celebrations. Starting with work, there is a sense of complete transformation that will occur. But for you to be on top of the entire situation you will have to spend some time alone with yourself before you can come out and face everyone again. This is about to be a highly emotional transition for you. You will also have some powerful new ideas that will prove helpful when you work on them. Young energy will prove useful too. Lots of clarity with money is also a part of this transformation. This clarity will give you the firm direction you need to take to grow, save and invest the money. You may also think of investing it in something new with work or a house. This will possibly be a first for you and it will give you an experience you have not had before. Health is getting much better. The backup the family is providing you with, emotionally and financially, is going to do you a world of good.  There may do some sort of attention needed to the blood and the bodily fluids. Even the liver. But finally it is much better and that can be cause for celebration. Relationships are coming full circle. There is a possibility you will start and finish an entire relationship in this one month. On the other hand you will finish a relationship and get into another one almost immediately. Possibly when you are travelling. Take a risk and be silly with your heart. It will serve you well.


March will turn out to be a month of deep inner knowing and confirmation of the vision you already knew you had. Things are coming to light finally and important, big cycles are ending. You are advised to meditate to regulate the messages coming to you. Health is looking really good since a certain painful cycle is ending. It does mean a new one will begin but this one looks like a cycle of good health and freedom. You have Scorpio energy to help you with it too. But there are lessons to be learnt before you move out of the cycle. There can be a death of some sort around you. This does not mean a living being each time. This lesson is also to be learnt with the work front. An Aquarius energy individual may be the cause of trouble or be the one who brings the truth for you. In either case there are lessons to be learnt and clarity to be had. You may travel for work which will need you to take care of the health. A flight is visible this month. By the end, you will know just what you need to do because your intuition will have kicked in full force and you will not be able to ignore it. You will have support for the journey you are on. Money is expansive. The secrets form last month will all have been uncovered and this month it will help you jump over a blockage you have been dealing with. Some kind of a creative venture and emotional involvement is to be well expected this month. The new offer will be a passionate one, although it will need a little more solidification before you accept. In relationships, you will find a new truth to yourself and this will make you cut out the unwanted energies around you. But it will also give you the wings to fly with confidence. Getting to know just what you want and why you want it will make a huge difference. The only thing coming in the way here is your inability to allow the heart to participate. You may possibly turn towards charity to fulfill the need to give back.


This is a month of transformation for you Aquarius. You will also have the chance to spend time alone, working and travelling and work on yourself, inside out. But there is a chance of certain burdens that you are carrying from the past that may feel heavier. With work you will have to let go of a lot of social obligations and almost your complete social life. This will help you complete the work you are so dedicated to. It will also give you new insights and completely different perspective about the work. There is a complete upside down switch here. The money is where the actual transformation will occur. It may not be very easy transition, but it will be helpful.  A different technique will pop up and it may take a while before you can accept it. This may also be a technique that you have used in the past. But it will bring you a new realization and then work even better. A huge breakthrough is about to take place in your financial life while you wrap up loose end, bringing things into the present moment, starting afresh, again. With relationships it looks like it is going to be a month where you focus on your relationship to yourself. There is a bit of travel and much reading. But it’s all happening with yourself. It seems to be starting with you demanding more from you. You may meet some very interesting people whose point of views and beliefs are coming to be completely different. This may happen while you travel of while you work in nature. Health wise a long standing, old ailment may become more prominent. This is because it is finally culminating. It looks like it is about the bones and the muscles. But the fluids in your body may need attention too. Your emotional health will ask for an equal amount of noticing.


Pisces, this is a month where you will feel the pressure. But this will give rise to the ability to become humble and share. Although there are new beginnings there are also some points of conflicts that will matter more than usual. You seem to be traveling with work, not once, may be twice. This can also happen because you are overloaded with the extra responsibilities at the workplace. You may want to take a break from it and travel by yourself. The possibility to going abroad for a new job or startup, leaving things behind where you are is strong. The mountains are calling. Just drop the load and get to work. Financially, there is a change that will impact your lifestyle. You will start to share. There is an element of acceptance and learning to receive as well. Charity will take you a long way this month. There can be some Scorpio energy in your month. There is conflict in relationships. But it is a simple difference of opinion that may escalate to a fully blown fight. Humor is important in this situation. Without this it can be a big fight that may almost have happened before but did not. If it does, there can be some harsh words and impulsive actions taken that may lead to a level of destruction that will take a lot of effort and commitment to come back from. Just be aware of its intensity before you allow it to happen. Finally with health, you are getting better. An old way to make things better is resurfacing and you are going to jump at it more than willingly. This is a good sign. Take ample rest and do things the natural way. This will help you loads this month.

Blessed March
Pushtiie ~*~

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