Looking forward and creating sprinkled with offering to others is what this month is looking like. Someone who is, possible, already involved with another may offer you love and even a live-in. Don’t get your hopes up too high and start planning a life with them. On the other hand the offer from last month is still lurking in the shadows. It’s a good solid offer that might interest you if you look. You have the ability to manifest everything this month from work to money to the kind of relationship you want. With work there is a fresh set of minds and they are all very focused. This may make them a little impulsive, guide them. Your team is in good shape. It is winning the trust of the people in your field and they are ready to give you all the assistance you need. May be even invest in your work. An earth sign or a water sign or both, will come forward to make this offer. A family member can also offer to contribute here. The money will flow to you. But health wise you will have to take care. This may not just be your own health, it could be that of an elder of the house too. Especially one of the women in the house. The issues is extreme fatigue from overwork. This is not the time to try a new recipe or ingredient. Stay with what you trust. The stomach will bless you.


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Its focus, support and firmness this June, Taurus. The air sign is still with you when it comes to your work, guiding you to get more work. They are helping you choose well and balancing your emotional energy. They are also giving you a little wind to fly with. There is a new kind of work that you will really enjoy doing. The feeling is going to be one of playful competition here. Financially this will give you the opportunity to state what and how much you want. Know that you are going to be victorious in that exercise. You are about to get what you have asked for. So be very careful and get expert advice before you ask. The relationship is moving to the next level. It could be an engagement or a wedding. It could also be a trip the two of you take together to get to know each other better. There is a laying of foundations here, this month. If this scares you, take a little self-time. But be honest about it. This clarity will help you when you come back ready and focused on the relationship. Finally health is getting better but you may have to go through a surgery or a new procedure that will need a little cutting. You may be cutting out an old doctor and choosing to look for a new one or a new kind of medication too. Be do your research, take second opinions before you do anything drastic.


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Your birthday month is going to be a beautiful combination of material and emotional fulfillment with hardly any space for the mind to wreak havoc. Health is improving overall. Physically you will find a new treatment or activity that will get you in better shape. The advice is to take it one step at a time. Go all natural and that will work the best. Emotionally you are at a place where drinking may become a habit but be in control. But you will be prone to a bit of melodrama. Test and look after blood and all other bodily liquids this month. Work is a carry forward from April with the family coming in and sharing with you. There can be inheritance. Not just the materially but also with the knowledge. Some old family work secrets will be given to you making you a master. Working with a team or creating a new one is inevitable. There is a lot of financial gain coming from something you love doing. This can be a new beginning in the chapter of money for you. It is time to invest and start building for your future. You may get interested in getting a farm house a little away from the city hustle bustle. Don’t be a miser when you have to pay for it or allot a fair share to it. Relationships are beautiful with the family. There is togetherness and harmony on that front. There can be restaurant visits and small picnics or a weekend trips. But there is something that will bother you and will need some of your attention. The only time the mind will be needed. An opportunity to forgive the self and another for what has transpired between the two of you emotionally. Open your eyes and heart to see the truth and make the right decision.


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Contentment fueled with self-trust and an ability to let go of the excess even when it comes back from the past is the energy flow of the month for June, Cancer. Underlying it is a balance and giving with a crashing transformation. Work is starting out with the utmost contentment as you complete a successful cycle. Now there is a big change and transformation in this area. You are possibly going to get pulled into a new way of doing the same work or find a new area of work all together. The transition may not be easy but it is going to be very satisfying. This new energy is a blessing because it converts in the money too. You are going to make more money from the things that you know are good at. There is a kind of surety coming into your month with the clear path you have chosen to walk on. This will lead you to many more openings. There will be some that come from a childhood connect. If it is not siblings and family, people you knew as a child. But what you have always wanted to do as a child is also possibly coming back to provide for you this June. Remember to share. With relations there is a big breakthrough from all the nonsense going to on there. You are now ready and powerful enough to let go of the extra baggage you have been carrying around. Be it a breakup or a setting things straight, once and for all. More power to your clarity this month Cancer. Health is interesting as a relapse of something is possible. But nothing a balanced approach will not be able to deal with. You will have to come to it and all by yourself. Avoid taking help from people who actually don’t know much about it but will give advice anyways.


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This month has a lot of going with the flow that is going to show up as organization, action provoking ideas and deep rooted metamorphosis. Starting with work, last month’s Capricorn energy is still around and this time is going to help you get organized. It can defiantly be an older woman, and interesting one too. With this change come new opportunities that will blossom into full blown avenues if worked on passionately. You will have to add in a lot of emotional energy this month for work. Money is supported by a Cancerian, on the other hand. An offer is going to come about here as well and it will have the potential of starting a new income avenue. Are you looking to do something with liquids? Yet there is a loose end you have to tie up from the last thing you did. It will be easy. Something creative is on the horizon for you here. With relationship you will be using the mind as usual and the heart will still be looking for more options. There already are many to choose from and you may end up confused if you don’t train your mind to be focused on the end goal. Although there is beauty in the every changing energy, it can keep you quiet agile if you don’t ground. Make practical choices in your relationships.  Health is supported by Pisces energy. This is what will lead to a dramatic change in the situation this month. Finally you will have found the way forward and stay ever loyal to it now. This is a way through the heart, not the mind. It is possibly an alternative treatment that will have you taking a deeper look at all your locked away emotions.


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 The abundance this month is very obvious and you are going to have to work with it carefully. With work there is a beautiful new start that will impact the entire household. A new project or a new partner is also possible. But the work you do will defiantly be by yourself. The one coming in may be someone from the past or a sibling. Someone from your childhood would not be a surprise. You will have to teach this, Water Sign, individual the ropes very gently and patiently. The family may also get involved with money and you will greatly benefit from it. There is some ancestral money or management secrets that will come your way if you spend time with the right people. There is a trip indicated that will lead to a different opening with money. It will lead you to a completely different source. Relationships will need you to make some choices with the offers you are getting. For the married, you will get a choice to enhance the quality of your relationship. The single ones will possibly have a choice of partners or experiences with their partners. There is a minor conflict indicated in the physical aspect. It’s not just sexual it can also be about physically spending time together. Health is looking good overall. The only thing to look after is your energy pattern. But even if you feel tired of low you will spring right back. Take self-time to rest and regenerate, strategically, each day. Tap into your moods and find a way to uplift them if you catch them sliding.


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The month is balances in that it has contentment in a few areas but it does have a potential of work in a few others. This mid-year energy is changing everything and almost turning it on its head. Work is ready to go full force now. You have insight and a Gemini energy to help you see both sides of this progress. If the work has anything to do with liquids or the feminine, it will get a special boost. Somehow you are also being called to work with counselling in some form. You will be the one to bring your work the clarity it needs. Looking forward with full enthusiasm will be amply rewarded. The money has you very content as well. You have finally seen how will be able to make your fair share. A block you have been trying to get rid of will start vanishing or will completely vanish this month. All you need to do it see it clearly for what it really is. No more excuses for it or how it makes you feel. This indicates an opportunity to begin again. Only this time you are all ready and experienced. If you are about to sign any kind of legal documents with a partner, relative etc. be sure to look at it very carefully. If the relationship is going through some kind of a legal phase, just be honest. You may be trying to hide something by not believing or owning up to it. But this is not going to stay hidden for long. It is best to own up to whatever you are dealing with. Heath maybe a cause for concern this month. Your heart and your blood are asking for attention. You may also be confronted by something you used to have in the past. A relapse is possible. Look after your parent’s health too, this month.


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Half way through the year and things are beginning to look so much better now. It is a month of courage and the kind of settling you have been waiting to have. The peace and calm after the storm. Taurus energy is helping you settle with the money. It is like having an elder guide you towards stability and knowledge. The lessons from last month is making you wiser and you are edging towards a win this month. You may have an interested investor but be aware of how stubborn they can be. But they have valuable input and guidance for you. This is just one step on your road to recovery. With work you are going to find renewed passion. You may want to introduce a more feeling based approach to your work. This will get better results. You have had experiences in the past that may tell you otherwise but you have to learn from it and change the way you approach it now. You are just a small step away from reaching the satisfaction you are looking for at work. Relationships will need you to learn restraint. The energy is very Leo which means you will want to charge ahead. You may also meet someone, emotionally younger who needs attention. Or an Aries individual who is strong and vibrant. They already know what they want. Remember to stay loyal to your present partner and all will be fine. The bones are popping up for care again this month. Joint pains, arthritis, sciatica are potential issues you may face. But there are chances you will find a new process that will work better for you. It may sound a little childish at first, but there is not harm in trying it out.


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June has you building a lot of strong foundations on which the rest of your year will stand. The decisions and the next steps will be well thought of. No hurry and no unnecessary drama. You also have help with it. At work you are satisfied with your progress till now. You can take a moment to rest. But get ready to plan and execute the nest and final step soon. When you are in a calm state of mind the right kind of ideas pop up. Meditate if you need to. Your work mind needs it. It will also help you with the decisions you have to make with money. There is a need to express your emotions here. A Cancerian may help you with this job. Travel can be undertaken this month with making financial decisions. A small celebration may be the reason for this travel. May be an international venture cementing to something firm this month. Relations are looking more casual to start off with while you hang out with your closest friends. These relationships are going to be important this time. But by mid-month you may have someone special on your mind. This will start you planning a way to woo this individual. Just make sure you add a lot more emotion to this plan then the intelligence you have oozing from you. The friends will keep you on track with this endeavor. A certain kind of treatment for your blood or your heart can come about and you will fnd it easy to believe in it. This will bring you peace and a sense of comfort. It will feel natural. A Capricorn individual may be of great help here. They are practical, grounded, clear and extremely straightforward about everything. You may also be given financial help to go forward. May be you can renew of look into more detail about your health insurance too this month.


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Different directions with new beginnings supported by passionate unions and decisions being made is what June looks like for you, Capricorn. Family time and solitary moments will balance the month. Finally you have learnt a lot of what the relationships could teach you through another. This months you decide to take a journey of your own, going in the past and making amends. Nostalgia can overpower you and all the experiences may not be as rosy as you hope they will. But it is not over. There is more for you to learn when you come back to the present moment. Humility and sharing to another level, are the most important lessons here. There are some decisions to be made with health and you are advice to take help from more than one medical professional. Checking out international options is also a good way to go. Make sure that the people you consult are masters in their subjects. They may even be older age wise. They will have a completely different perspective and that is what you need this month. Work on your hearing and balancing abilities. A new enthusiastic and path may open up at work and you will give it your all. This can be a new way to do the same thing or a new avenue altogether. The family, at home and at work, is also supporting you in this venture. You will have a lot to celebrate as this cycle comes to a completion because of the new beginning. A union or partnership will come about in the money area. It is going to be a passionate one that you will totally love. It has a gentle and feminine energy to it. It may involve a Cancerian woman. But it will also lead you to ask for solo time to work on how to manifest the deal. You are almost there, but need to complete the last two steps before you are all in. The partner may be pivotal in helping with this completion. If there is a romantic/emotional spark there, allow it to play out naturally.


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The inherent need for stability is what lies under every thought and action this month for you Aquarius. Balance is going to be of immense value after the rollercoaster you have gone through in the past few months. You have to stop this month and look at all that is now happening instead of living in in the past with what has happened. Starting with work, there is a possibility that you are looking for a new opening. Something you believe you can create with your own ideas. The truth is that you may miss out on it because you want it to look new as well. It may come to you in the same package and that will make you miss out on it. You may not pay attention to it. Just be aware of that happening. With money you seem to have made a kind of loss in the recent past. Remember its over. You still have a little there that you can work with and make the most of. You now know your mistakes and will be more understanding and aware of how you handle things now. There are many new opportunities coming your way this month if you only focus on creating things again instead of on the losses you have gone through. You seem to have outgrown a certain relationship or a certain aspect of a relationship. This will make it feel difficult to stick around completely. You may want to venture out. You may feel like you want to explore more and see what else is there in the present moment. This will bring you the opportunity to ground and learn more about yourself. Dive deep within yourself and you will come out a winner. Health wise you are trying to deal with everything alone and by yourself. This is not going to prove to be the best plan right now. It may have happened because of the kind of people and kind of help you have received in the past. Something you have not really enjoyed or found value in. But walling yourself off from the others will not hep either. In this moment you need all the support you can have when it comes to health. You can also benefit from a certain kind of financial support if you are open to it.  


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This is the month you release; you have been pulling yourself down in a few areas of your life and are continuing to do it. It can change if you add some fire to your energy. You need to be proactive now and in all areas of your life. This brings a lot of forward moving situations that you will benefit from. With work you will probably have to make a decision about what path to take to move forward. This while you are waiting for the result of the older venture you have already done your best for. You do need to learn to be patient and wait for the results to come in. Rushing anything is not going to help. Just invest yourself in the decision for what comes next. There can be travel. You may also take on a new mode of transport for yourself or for your work. Try having someone with you this month so it becomes easier to share things with when you need it. This is a group energy month for work. With money you seem to have realized your passion and path quiet clearly. This is making embarking on it easy and efficient. This new money journey is going to result in a lot of metal peace and feelings of wellness. Again, there are going to be people around you when you take this trip. It may be a flight. Something from the past seemed to have come up recently and that has made you a little doubtful in your relationship. This is not the best way to proceed. You have tied yourself in with the kind of self-doubt that almost makes you a victim. The truth is that you are not one, you are only seeing it like that. Step out of this space and live the experience fully. There has been good in the same past experience that to are now using to hurt yourself now. This self-doubt and victimization is also a continues energy with your health.  You felt like this in the recent past and now you may try to take the easiest way out. It may find you and you will feel drawn to it, but there will be a bit of doubt within you. Open the blind folds and really look at your true situation. You will see what is right and what is not. More than anything else, take care of your sexual health in every aspect. Your mind is acting a little week and may fall pray to easy and addictive things to find a way out. Be aware and hold yourself from getting into that drama this month.

Pushtiie ~*~

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