This month is calling for a lot of decision making amidst the delays, in almost all aspects. Starting with work, there is a major choice you will have to make. It could be between two jobs or it could be about whether to stay in the country/city or venture out. It could also be a big project and how to execute it for best results. Try the traditional ways to succeed on this one. May be even set up a new and younger team. This will lead to a new path in money coming in, but it will be a tad slower than usual. It may be a little frustrating and difference on opinions may trigger the volume buttons.  Look at everything with beginners eyes to sooth this situation. Help is on the way. Someone around you can be ill this month. But you are the one that needs the rest, physically and emotionally. If you are waiting for medical reports, they will get late but come with a glimmer of hope. Things may get delayed but they will get surely get better. You will also hope people around you were more responsive. You want to have a new beginning with the romance but are still holding on to the current situation. The only way to move forward here is to let go of the old, comfortable, familiar energy. You know you can. Notice the Earth Sign people you interact with. They will bring comfort to you in this situation.


Some endings and some deceit with transformation and speed is what characterizes the month of July for you. That next step in the relationship you were about to take is getting closer and you possibly want to have that stag/bachelorette party. The advice is to avoid it. This may lead to a very swift and torrid love affair that will put thing off track. Try not to shake up your foundations for a little fun right now. The good part is that health is stable for you and any one in the hospital will be back home. Take good care of the specific needs of this individual. It is a new start to a beautiful and happy time. Let the joy and the innocence of comfort and being home cure more than the medication ever will. After all the work you have gotten last month you might feel over burdened with it. May be you just too on too much in all your excitement. Relax and make some changes with people around you. It is time to have a team in place to share your work and give you the much needed rest. Money will be a little slow coming this month and test your patience. But be sure it will come. There might then be a difference in your accounts. You might feel a little cheated with what you get. The complete amount according to you may be more than you receive. Have patience and you will get what you deserve.


This is a month that can bring you balance and peace fi you stop looking over your shoulder and start focusing on the present. This is mostly happening on the relationship front. Experiences from the past seem to be making a resurgence in your mind. If you give this too much fuel you might make the condition worse. Make sure you invest a considerable amount of time and energy in your relationships so you stay together. You might want to go on a trip where you can spend alone time and talk about the issues at hand. Health on the other side is doing well. You will be ready to make yourself a great body at the stage you are in. You will do it successfully. But it building muscle, losing weight or getting any kind of life alterations done. Sexually you will have an active and satisfying life. With work there are some major decisions to be made. Once you have done this, things will go to the next level of commitment and you will start a partnership potentially. Make sure to have the terms and conditions of this union well etched out before you start. Money, this month will also require to maintain a balance between investing in the business and saving up. You will make some courageous decisions with the help of a Leo and a Sagittarius individual. This help will be well coordinated with the support you require. If things get a little slow don’t worry they will pick up in no time.


On the surface, July, is a month that includes new thoughtful beginnings, important decisions, overflowing joy and finally a little self-time. Beneath it all, there is discipline, seeing the light in the darkest moments and celebrations. Relationship wise, it’s an overflowing of love and emotions. There are new beginnings after you have crossed a hurdle, blocking you for a while. You see things in a new light and finally decide to stay in the present. Allow a new relationship to blossom with all the attention you can give it. Possibly with a fire sign, may be a Leo. Everything in the past can now be looked at as a blessing. Work is going to ask for discipline as the new beginning is going to be very time and effort consuming. It is a strong idea but it needs to be worked on patiently and diligently. There can be an Aries, individual involved. You just have to be aware of sexual favors being asked of you in return. There are investment choices to be made with the money in regards to time. If there is a partnership being formed make sure to demark your responsibilities right at the beginning. There is money coming and you will have to keep the count well. Health will have you looking at the mental space more than the physical space. You will come to some big realizations about your current heath state and then act accordingly. This will lead to a celebration. Stay away from drink if there is a pregnancy involved. Look at your blood and Vitamin B12-D5 too.


The one word that describes your July, this year Leo, is Transformation. You have a load of Scorpio energy and that is going to make a huge difference in the way you are. You may not recognize yourself by the end of this month. if you resist it, it will be difficult but if you go with the flow you will be surprised how easily you get through. With work there are a few options. You might get confused only because you may not believe you are ready or good enough to for it. But you will have help for a Scorpio individual who can also be family. An older person and some what keeps a business exterior while is a complete mush ball within. This same person can help you with the money situation too. You will need help with the way you communicate effectively to bring about positive results and successful deals. They will show you how you can come out of the feeling of lack and abandonment here. They will undo your stubborn streak for the better. But you will have to be careful of your health. You may be a little overwhelmed by all that is happening and miss out on a new and different solution being presented to you. Just listen to your inner messages. For this you will have to start doing something to slow down. Mediation yoga or any other physical activity to bring you energy up is necessary, since that is the only thing missing. You will have the chance to really tap into your inner energy for the physical body and use it well. The same goes for the relationships. You need to pay attention to what “feels” right, not things correct. There is a transformation here. Either you will take a relationship to the next level of completely break it off. Whatever you decide, the next steps will logically follow. There is a chance of experience so much passion this month. Please, give emotions a chance. Happy Birthday!


The energy this month is a mixed bag. You are going to have to deal with so much, it’s going to be a bit of an exhausting month. There are ending on the work front. These will save you from a lot of trouble later. There is a possibility of you making dome wrong decisions based on the kind of pitch someone makes to you. This is cleaver and manipulative energy. The end that is coming is a very good omen for you. It ends things that have held you back until now, and opens up a different path forward. The money is what you make of it. Again it is a new path, but this time of your making. So you will have to make a huge effort on this one. It is time to pool your resources and also take the help of an Air Sign that will guide you. The clarity will come for this individual and it will slice away the nonsense. On the relationship front you will take a while to evaluate the situation in much depth this month. It is obvious that there are people you want to hold on to and then there are others you want to let go of. There is also some needy and clingy energy around you. Is this you or the other people? If you feel like you are being shackled with the kind of affection you are getting, it’s time to release yourself. With the health the situation is getting much better. But there are two specific things you need to be aware of. One is the sharing of emotions and another is the amount of drinking you indulge in. Your blood may get affected. But a treatment you are considering will prove very beneficial if you are sincere with it.


Breaking away from illusions and moving forward steadily will bring grounding and stability to this month. But you will have to look into the past to see where the mistakes were made, to be able to leave them there. Health is looking much better this month. You have found a solid space of basic wellness. Now you just have to take care of the follow ups. There will be many kind of procedures you can look into for this. The best way is to take it all natural. Don’t try to mix methods. Just relax and learn to de-stress with family and good food. There can be a pregnancy this month. A new someone may come home, even if it is an adoption. There is a strong movement towards more substantial experiences in the home now. If someone has to take a trip, they will be back in a bit. If there is a disagreement, ask for or give the space the person has asked for. At work you will discover things you missed before. These were little bits of what may have made things go south. Take a good look at the past this one time to see where you can, make the needed changes for progress to be easy. Once things are rectified the anger and passion will simmer down naturally. Money is coming at a steady pace. It can feel slow, but its constant. On the other hand there is one more opening coming your way. It may be in the same area you are presently working or in a completely different one. The guidance is to give it a chance. It may surprise you well. But you may not even look at it, at the right moment, for it will feel like something you have done and it did not bring you any results. But look again.


July is a month of victories and passion moving towards the right directions for the moment. It includes blessings and a little solo time as well. But it has the opening for mastery too. The strongest aspect of the month is health. You are going to overcome either one or two difficult situations that you have been worried about. There is going to be potential expansion in the kind of treatment you are getting which will lead to more wellbeing. Physically your movement is going to improve as the bones will get stronger. With the relationships you are going end up taking things for granted. It could be because you are worked up about the new movement. Something a little traditional, like a marriage or baby shower can be happening. Some sort of an institution with unions is about to get involved. Take your time with it. Money brings in the chance of meeting someone who will guide you perfectly with it. This is the kind of person you want to learn from. You may also have a partner in investment starting this month. Chose them very carefully. It is possible to have a romantic interest in the partner as well. But there will be a very comfortable energy amongst you that will be easy and beneficial to work with. It will balance things out like the yin and yang. Money is good this month. With work you will have to spend some time by yourself. You will have an idea that will be put into action almost immediately. But this will be you baby and you will have to work on it yourself. It will be quick progress but a very solo journey. It will be very fruitful for you.


July is a rather fiery month for you Sagittarius. From ego clashes to dealing with authority and finally finding you inner strength, it is all part of the self-discipline you would like to enforce upon the self. The ability to be your own authority is showing in the health department. But maybe you are being too much of that and making things a little difficult for yourself. Take care of the joints. Arthritis and other tensing manifestations in the extremities. The best way for you to get yourself through this is to allow your feelings to guide you. If you share them, you will have more help. You know you already have it. There are choices in your relationships. The way you chose to behave and the kind of people you allow in your life are two of the biggest ones. Feels like you will have to go back to the basics to evaluate this month. It’s not easy. So much inner work can make one feel a little foggy. But you will come out strong and that clarity will make a difference to you for a long time to come. Some big shakeups are happening with work. A few egos seem to collide and that will burn things down and compel you to make choices you thought you did not have to. You could make these shale ups happen yourself if you see how much it will benefit you. You have the chance to reshape your work the way you want it. You will bring it balance. With money you are happy and balanced and moving in a new direction. The power point here is that you are settled and comfortable with the present space and yet find a new approach that comes from within the self. Follow the vision and it will bring you to success.


July is a combination of authority and everything that comes with it, on one hand, while it also has surrender and moving towards healing on the other hand. You will need to consciously balance the head and the heart this month, Capricorn. At work you have a very masculine energy going around. There is the Aries and then there is the Aquarius energy. So there will be stubbornness and discipline with amazing ideas and techniques but also ample manipulations and mind games. Sexual advances in the workplace may be possible this month too. But if handled correctly, this is the month where advancement is a cent percent YES! Clarity and structure can benefit the work place this month. A choice between two important paths when it comes to money may present itself. The best way to pick the right one is to project how you see each of them progressing over four years. Then if you find it workable, mix both the options and come with your very own third. This balance may work wonders too. Avoid getting bored and becoming lazy during the process. There can be a sudden new offer and it will all make sense at the end if you give it the right kind of thought and attention. Another area where there is a choice is relationships. Either you have taken too much time to be alone and have not been able to come back or a partner in the past has taken off. They are on your mind and you are unable to decide if you want to go back. You have friends to help you with this decision making. But remember, in the end it is up to you. You have to make the choice because you are going to be responsible for how it progresses. Make sure you have understood what you are all about and can bring to the table this time. Be crystal clear about this. Health is getting better. The emotions are getting sorted and a Cancerian, possibly a woman, is helping you in this situation. You are traveling to a much better space mentally too. The body is reaping the benefits of this transition. If you need a small operation, get it done, it will be successful. Pay attention to the blood and bodily fluids.


This may be a month of extremes for you Aquarius. Although a large part of it is very grounded, there is a possibility of your passions getting the better of you. A lot is happening with your ability to communicate and clearly, here. With health, your throat may need attention. The overall energy of the body will need to get stabilized too. The root of this looks like it is coming from your feelings of being neglected or left out. You may feel like you need support but don’t have it. The fact is that you have been unable to speak your truth and ask for what you need. Sort this out and health will be much better. On the relationship front, you have become very clear about what you want. But it is making you a little difficult to reach. You seem to have had an experience that has hurt you and this has prompted this kind of reaction in you. Yes, you are in control. But knowing it within yourself is usually enough. Open up and see how much love comes your way. At work you may be interested in starting something you have wanted to for a while and with the help if the family it is a great time to finally do it. You may also stare it in partnership with a family member. Money may be wrapped up in some legalities. You have already waited a little too much so its time to move on this now. You have some big ideas and that may have put you here. Now get help form people you trust to get you out of the current situation. Remember to be fair to everyone in the situation, especially yourself.


It’s a bit of a sticky month Pisces. You may lose you temper more than you can imagine and that will cause rifts. You can take care of this if you use some relaxation techniques that suit you. Get ample rest as well. You will need it this month. With work, you seem to have lost an opportunity. But that is what you think. If you look closely you still have the chance to re create it for yourself. You were just being too sure and, according to you, clear about what you knew and wanted. That may have back fired and created this situation. Relax and work with what you have to create what you want. Its going to be an adventure. Take the help of a Libra individual if possible. With money you have been standing up for what you believe in and that is now paying off. You are going to be offered an opportunity that will either feel silly or way to dangerous. But the plus point here is that is you take this risk you will fly. Travel is also indicated with it. Somehow you are not getting enough sleep. This is affecting your relationships. Don’t blow it out of proportion. Just know that when you are well rested you will relate to people better. Make sure you don’t cut part of your relationship out just because you think the other is not very understanding in this moment. You need patience here. Finally, with health, your joints are having trouble. Your sex life may not feel up to the mark too. This is just a combination if not enough sleep and being a little rigid in the mind. You need to relax and really consider the others point to view in this situation. If you need to have control and discipline right now, its with your own sleeping and resting patterns. Focus on that!

Blessed July!
Pushtiie ~*~

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