This month is all about swift and strong movement everywhere. Work wise you begin the year with a celebration. A new project is possibly finalized. You could also be moving offices, not necessarily jobs. But if it is a new job, you are going to love it. Your kind of work is going to come to you all of a sudden and at an incredible speed. The communication will mostly be thought electronic devices. Get new ones if you are called to. Check and confirm all your social media accounts and passwords. This will, of course, make the money start flowing in. It will be at a steady and regular pace, not like the suddenness of work. An earth sigh, an authority figure, possibly a woman, will be in charge of the money. Whatever you do, only go to her with ideas that are well thought out for she will give you yet another perspective to them. In the relationship section, you have many options. It will possibly get overwhelming. But again, all of a sudden you will find yourself in a space of absolute chemistry. You will not know how it started. But it will be well worth it. Yet, you might not be totally satisfied since you want it all, romance and sex and the happily ever after.  Health will ask you to slow down and rest. An issue you have had in the past might come up again. But you can deal with it with some dedication.


The energy for this month is all about being your own boss. It is about ruling your kingdom with a firm yet loving hand. Work wise you are in our element and ruling it. But it is possible that you are being very rigid in your attitude towards the others. Somehow you are staying stuck and not moving forward at the pace you really can. This is possibly because your dues from the past have not been cleared. There is a chance of someone coming in, an air sign, a Gemini, who will help you sort it out. This individual will also help you get back on track with the pace you usually work on. Just done get overwhelmed by the way the function. Your delay in action will cause money to come in slower than usual and this might be cause of concern because at every turn there will be a new expense arising. People may not even be interested in the kind of work you are offering right now and that will open new avenues for you, money wise. Money will appear when you need it the most. That cannot be said about your relationships. You will hope and pray for a beautiful start and a deeper connection but that may take a while. The chemistry, though, will be easier to achieve. Health is going to be more affected by your mental space. There is possibility of a heart issue that may need a surgery. Blood pressure or platelet count also needs to be checked. The healing will occur when you share what is in your heart.


This month Gemini is going to be one that takes you back in tradition and nostalgia while it grounds you enough to catapult you forward. Money is going to come from traditional methods like investments that your parents have made for you. It can also be from institutions where you are part of a group. If someone forgets to pay you, probably a Taurus, be sure the money will come sooner than later. There is an offer coming to you from a younger Water Sign, may be a Pisces and it will be a rather passionate one. With that wok will have a new beginning that will bring in more money. You are going to find the courage to settle down and possibly book/buy a house or workplace. There will also be a moment where you will have to decide between investing further or taking a trip you have wanted to. On the relationship front it looks like you are going have some happy news. There are chances of a marriage or an engagement. May be you will finally meet “The” person. This will happen on a trip or somewhere close to water. In planning and waiting you will connect. So set roots and if you already have, create opportunities to strengthen them. Would you be pregnant? Health wise an old issue could reemerge and it will take a while before it gets sorted. But you just have to keep a calm mind and not stress your body out. Rest, physicals and emotionally is crucial this month.


The year starts with a lot of receiving and little giving. But the underlying energy is clarity and decision making. Work starts with a bright new beginning after an important and impactful end in 2018. It is going to be time to create afresh while you wait to hear about the projects you set into motion last year. The choices you make this month will prove to be fruitful. You will see how things naturally fall into place if you don’t try to control them. This is the time to do, not to just overly expect. An Aquarius individual may help here. Money is naturally and gradually growing of its own accord. While you keep sharing your knowledge, without any kind of limits, the money will keep growing. Just be ready to accept this with an open heart. Sometimes you goodness can stand in the way of you accepting your won abundance. Think of yourself first even if you have to work in a team. An Air Sign individual may come with a romantic offer or help you to gain clarity in your relationship. They may be a little too forceful or manipulative if allowed. You will possibly still be in the past pain that you have not processed but look at everything from there. Ok, be careful, but don’t kill the present for it. Your inner strength alone will help you to move forward. It’s a huge inner shift that you can experience. Wirth health there will be some sudden news of an illness, like it came out of nowhere. Don’t get too concerned and just start moving forward to find a way to heal this. It is not that serious an illness. You will be just fine.


On the surface January is a very loving and emotional month that does have some decisions to be made, but it also has a tad bit of conflict. Below all the love and affection there is a little brain power that is affecting it all. With work you are going to start something afresh and are going to enjoy it a lot. There are possibly two offers that you may get and will have to decide amongst them. One can be from a loved one and you can start working together if you so choose. This might be a great time to change the way you deal with the people at work and also the methods you use at work. With money you have to speed things up to get it and manifest more of it. Your ideas are in place and all you have to do is put them in action. But before that you need to make sure if you actually want it. The secret is showing up in your totality so that you succeed are receiving. Yet another new turn in your love life. If not a new offer a new kind of offer from your existing partner can be on its way. Spend some quality fun time with each other. It can be like being children again. There is a lot of contentment in this month when it comes to relationships. No matter what you do, just don’t get all stuck on doing it a particular way. Just go with the flow. Health does seem to be a little week and there can be a small cut or a surgery you need to have done. There is a possibility of a fracture in the leg or a massive headache and migraine problem. Stay calm and know you will be just fine.


Almost reaching the last steps is the energy this month coupled a certain completion and moving into the next phase. Health seems to bringing your attention to some hereditary issues. May be it is something that has been coming down from many generations that has sprung up again. An Earth Sign individual, may be a doctor or another heath care professional will help you deal with it. You might have to travel for a few days for it. The good news is that you will be on a sure shot path to recovery almost immediately. Be aware of the mood swings you feel and remember to express yourself clearly. On the relationship front, someone from the past may want to come back but you will be undecided about how you want is to progress. There will need to be some soul searching. One thing to be sure of is that you will feel and even express your need to be taken care of, even when you are being loving and taking care of the others. With work you may feel the need to do a lot more study and research. You might also be tempted to try some unconventional methods for it. This might include giving up something that is an integral part of you. Expect sleepless nights and being in limbo for more time than you can imagine. But it opens up many new areas of financial input. You will know “just” what you want and not hesitate to ask for it. An Air Sign individual will be involved in the situation. Pro or Anti, time will tell.


The start of the year looks like it has you going to back to the drawing board and rethinking things, trying to create them afresh, letting a bit go and finally beginning to share. All of this is motivated by figuring out you have many choices, but want to be with only your loved ones and spend more time with them or just by yourself. Starting with the relationships, you are either putting something on pause or letting it go completely. But before that you may want to express how you truthfully feel so that nothing remains unsaid. You may be in two minds before you make the decision but once you have done it, you will move with great speed and purpose. Just stay focused. Health wise you are doing really well. You are energetic and outgoing. The only concern may be something that is within the family for generations. It might make an appearance and you may have to spend a little to get it sorted. Work has you seeing many new options and also going to back to the beginning for a few of them. You will possibly be tempted to create a new team of younger or newer people to work with. Cutting out a few is also a possibility, like trimming the unwanted. Allow the new ideas in but remember to hold your ground. Money is what you create of it. You will almost go through a full circle with it. A partnership is advised here. If you think a new way to create money, be sure you don’t activate what you already have saved up. Start with a little if you need it or get another person, may be a Virgo individual, to invest in the plan.


The year starts with you having to take a look at what you have and what you need. Plan or revise your plans for the entire year. It will help you reduce the conflict this month. Work is looking like a lot of planning. You need to dream big right from the start. A little aggressive action will not be a problem. But yes, there will be some criticism and you will have to deal with it. Don’t take it to heart. Just allow it to teach you what it needs to. Money on the other hand is interesting. You will start on a new journey with it and it will need you to take certain risks. Be sure these risks will be successful. But you may get a little pulled down by the feelings of morality. You may think of moments where you felt left out and lonely where money was concerned. But now the story has changed and you need to stay focused on that. Relationships are going to give you an opportunity for a fresh new start. You may also move house with family. Investments to secure the future of the family is also possible. Personal finance. More decisions have to be made. More like choices between two options. If it is a new relationship, ask yourself, do you really want it? A Cancerian energy is around you here and this could lead to a load of emotional drama. With health just be aware that you need to resolve the issues at hand. Fighting and arguing with the others, including medical professionals, is not going to work. Take the help when you need it. Bones need to be taken care of the most. Check your calcium levels.


Some pending old energy, some strong and potential new beginnings and finally things getting cut open to find out the truth. All of this fueled by strong emotions and good dose of fairness. Work is offering a new opportunity or maybe you will grab at it. It is a promising offer but you have to know that the amount you know about it is not enough. You have to take the time to really get into it with all you have before you start. Don’t let the energy of the New Year get you excited without enough backup knowledge. But it is going to be something you enjoy and it can become a serious option for a long term career. Money wise you are settled. You are grounded and have no worries this month. You may have help from a Taurus or a Cancerian to take this forward. Some good investment advice with caution that you keep enough to spend as well is going to be available to you. It’s a beautiful balance of saving and using this month. Relationships may have you feeling left out in the cold, alone and unattended to. You may feel like your financial status is causing this behavior from others. On the other hand you may move from this space to that of togetherness and family very soon. Your family ties may share a fortune of love and abundance with you. You may meet old members of the family or get introduced to some interesting and caring new ones. With health you have to be a little careful. Thinking beautiful and healthy thoughts is not going to cut it for you. You are possibly headed for a surgery this month. Something to do with the throat or the voice box may be the issue. Are you expressing your truth enough this month? What is stuck in there that need a way out?


January greets you with a complete change. It sets the wheel turning and it can feel a little overwhelming. But there is adventure and celebration this month with new beginnings you have been looking for. Work may make you travel and to a place where you will have peace and calm. It is also a financial beginning for you there. Yet, it looks like you may not accept this change totally. You may begin with seeing it as something you have done before and can have nothing new to experience in connection with it. This is possibly because your emotions are being awoken and you are afraid of expressing them. The biggest transformation is the money. You are going to go in the opposite direction here. If you were not making enough you will but if you were, things will slow a bit. This is the right time to see what you have and how to activate it well in terms of investments and expenditure. It’s planning time. Look at the past and learn from the mistakes there. But luckily there is expansion in your learning. Relationships sets you off on a journey too. It’s possibly going to be more of a physically active time than anything to do with emotion. Avoid getting into a third party situation. You will find a certain solace in being able to keep control very the situation and not allowing another to overpower you. You seem to be running from or burning away what can be a potentially beautiful togetherness. Health is doing really well and only getting better. The only thing to be aware of is the blood and bones. Get some tests done to make sure all is well in these areas. Monitor your drinking and late nights. Try to get some weight training in to your everyday routine to firm your body up a little more.


2019, Aquarius, starts with some massive reevaluating and weeding out what is not needed while focusing on your goals and their growth. The good and the bad of this involves the family and the role it is going to play for you. You want work to be expanding and beautifully so. There can be new partnerships and contracts and documents getting signed. A celebration is also possible. At the same time, there is a bit of a conflict since the way to go about it may be questioned. It looks like something that will start as a discussion but can aggravate to a serious fight. You have the confidence to take on everything and everyone, but remember to use the lessons you have learnt from similar situations in the past. Overall there is progress if you keep a cool mind and grounded attitude. You are going to be a kind when it comes to making money this month. Your attitude of thinking before you put plans into action is going to be of great benefit to you. The feeling is that you are going to follow the ones that have gone before you, where you want to be. It is great to have a role model and follow in their footsteps. But you need to put your personal spin on the manifestation of your path. Remember to take time to think about it. If you need to travel do it. Some beautiful and grounded Capricorn energy is present in your relationship space. This can be you being grounded and dependable. Taking your time to do what needs to be done and making sure you and your loved ones are provided for. You may meet someone new or try a new approach with someone you already know, in the romantic aspect. You may travel with or to someone. It is possible to meet someone while you are travelling too. A lot of energy can erupt at the meeting if you are not hung up on an older flame. An ailment you have suffered in the past may resurface this month. You will have to rise out of it better this time, and you will. The blood and other bodily fluids will have to be taken care of. The heart may also be an area of mild concern with regards to cholesterol. Yet, there is a certain realization that will help you move ahead with creating more health.


The year is starting with a lot of young community dynamics. It is where a lot of critiquing, cutting things out and reentering the planning stages is done. A lot of conflict energy somehow seems to be around too. The suggestion, this month, is to stay put of the illusion and face the truth. Health calls for you to be honest and step out of any kind of an illusion you may have about it. Fighting about it or a delay in addressing it, will only make it worse. It is all in control right now, just keep it like that. If you are given too many options to resolves the issue, take time out to think about it. You have to be loyal to yourself and your wellbeing this month. Physically, there is stress and fatigue but emotionally there is a bit going on too. Be aware of what you what to resolve first. Some sort of being unfair or asking for fairness is the mood for relationships this month for you Pisces. Your anger will come flying out and unexpectedly too. But it will also put you in a corner. You may be called out on the kind of behavior you are exhibiting and may not have an answer for it. A legal issue may come up. On the other hand either or another will cut some one out of the relationship. The feeling is that of being dealt with unfairly. At work Sagittarius energy is bring in a lot of zest. A new direction and a fresh approach. A lot of young energy that can manifest as people around you or in the way you are dealing with the work. New ideas and a hurry to begin or continue is apparent. The advice is to take a moment before you actually start off. Money offers a multiple amount of choices. Be it investments or avenues to earn more. But, you seem to be living in the past. Not opening up to seeing what really can come about if the same issue is dealt with differently. It is time to learn your lesson and do things in a way that don’t make you go down the same path. Look ahead, intelligently, and you will achieve. Don’t get confused about the options and lose your clarity.


Blessed January
Pushtiie ~*~

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