For the Year


The basis of a successful 2019 for you, Aries, is CREATIVITY and a SENSE of AWW…

Relationships this year are going to be mix of suddenness and calm with the need for thought and deep realizations. There will be picnics with the family and vacations with the beloved. A chance to make the relationships stronger after heart breaks and betrayals too. But the most potent energy here is that of speed and surprise. Things, this year, will take you by surprise more than you will imagine they could. The potential to work together shows up and so does long trips, maybe overseas, too. The thing to be careful about is the manipulation you will attract and create in your life, through this year. It will be a great deal more successful if you just focused on family and new offers of love coming to you.

Health wise this is a year full of ups and downs. Old issues seem to be re-occurring and you much now find better ways to heal. Natural remedies like herbs and homeopathy coupled with mediation and a lot of self-reflection will the best way out. You might also have to travel for a treatment. It could as be a simple health retreat that will rejuvenate you. But time in nature by an open fire will do you a world of good. This clears out harmful energy. Take care of your digestion specifically. Emotionally, anxiety and not feeling worth it is the worse for your sign. Take measure to get out it as soon as you detect it. Allow your emotions to have a say this time.

Work and Money usually go hand in hand and this time they absolutely do. Although there can be offers for money that are suspect you will have the good sense to find that out. The decisions will come easy and the guidance will be ever present. Even when work seems difficult your finances will be stable. Offers from the past will come back and you will do well to consider them. Of course you will have to check the out to make sure you are not making the same mistake again. The choices, at every stage, will be quick to make this time since you will have masters around you and helping you through it all at every moment. Many sources of abundance will become evident too. Even you get into a lurch at some point, you will be brought out of it, almost immediately. Be careful about mixing work and your personal life. There are chances of chemistry erupting at the wrong places and then it all goes downward until you work had to pick it up again.

To sum the year up for you Aries…
Know that you will be successful when you take a risk,
Come out unscratched if you follow your inner guidance,
Prosper if you stay away from the temptations
Heal if you sync yourself with nature and its abundance.


The energy of this year for you, Taurus, is Manifestation, the Need for Focus and Dropping the Ego with Letting Go.

Let’s start with the relationships. There is so much of an upheaval there. From secrets being unveiled to addictions being dealt with to big decisions being made and finally finding your own self. It is all a part of this year. If you want to get through this year emotionally sound don’t let the cheating and the ego conflicts affect you much. It is an opportunity for you to dissolve the ego that has kept you stuck this long. Someone from the past, coming back will serve as a good reminder of what you were and what you really want to be. The emotional turmoil will also end a cycle you have been stuck in for a while. There is a choice to make more than once this year and it is not going to be very simple. Although it will all be perfect at the end, the year has a lot of movement, back and forth, with health. Earth Signs and Air Signs will prove extremely helpful and supportive through the year. Family will come together for reasons of heath and support too. There can be a surgery and it will help to finding new ways to heal further and faster. Natural remedies will work much better now. But a Cancerian individual will help you make a choice that can possibly affect life and death. It all works out perfectly in the end.

Work may start off slow and shaky, but it will come to a much better pace midyear. Just don’t lose your confidence and become very drawn in or solo. You have to create what you will and want. Charity is important this year. There are many offers coming from overseas too. You may have to cut out some important people or structures that do not work for you anymore to reduce the losses. But finally know who is fooling you and who is a true friend. An Air Sign is here to support and clarify your path and a Water Sign is keeping you afloat with their unconditional support. The money story this year is rather interesting. It will be a slow and stressing start to the year but it only gets better as the year progresses. Some changes in the offerings you make will be called for and all for a better opportunity. No matter how much the tension builds up, you will always be safe. There are a lot of feminine forces howling you with finances and any kind of stress will not last very long. Take all the criticism that comes your way with a pinch of salt and see how you can incorporate it into your financial flow. There is a lot of help for you all this year. At the end of the year you will be in a stable and abundant financial position, ready to expand.


This is the year for Foundation Laying, Travel, Celebration and also trusting your Inner Guidance more than ever before.

As soon as the year starts there will be a foundation laying. Either you will start something new or formalize an old project you have been working on for a bit. There is travel indicated too. Here you start a new journey and are going to have childlike enthusiasm for it. The caution here is about not tacking unnecessary risks. So research what you are doing and make sure you feel safe and confident in going ahead. There are chances of some very tempting offers coming your way further into the year. These will be offers that will promise to change everything on the work front. BUT… they may not be all that they are cut out to be. You might end up in major debt or lose large by the end. There is chance of heart break and break down by the end of the year with work, only to begin afresh.

Money on the other hand is stable this year. Your travels and plans to expand nationwide or globally will start bearing fruit sooner than later. But you have to keep a balanced head on your shoulders or the lessons you have to learn will get much stronger. Don’t get too caught up in what it looks like. The beginning of this yearly cycle is going to be a fruitful one. There is some Sagittarius energy around that will help with your planning and execution. Finally if you lose something, a client or money, you will have a second chance at it. Just become aware of everything around you.

Relationships are going to be very interesting this time. There are going to be many options in all areas. From the people to living conditions to the names you want to a lot to the relationship etc. Yet, there is a lot you are not aware of with regards to all of this. This will be a year of revelations at each step. These will have you manifest the relationships of your dreams. Don’t trick another for your benefit at any cost though. At the end of the year, you will be a satisfied soul and may want to be by yourself or have to travel away from your loved ones a lot. It’s a harmonious time for health. But to keep it like that you are advised to get a yearly checkup at eh very start and get 2 opinions about whatever the concerns. Alcohol could prove troublesome and so could a rich and heavy diet.
Arthritis, especially in the knees. Once you make a choice of treatment, towards the end of the year there is a chance of the money going into it. No matter what you do, don’t avoid getting the right treatment for reasons of the Ego.

Over all, it’s an interesting year to learn, grow and expand.


The entire year, for you Cancer, has a beautiful completion to it. From looking at what you have in the present moment to deciding how to put into action to inviting the massive transformation you will have to completing the entire cycle. It’s all included in 2019 for you. This is an important year overall.

On the work front it starts with looking at what all you have right now. There is more than you can possibly handle. You have to take the help of a Fire Sign or an Earth Sign to sort it all out, through the year. There are new ideas that will move at lightning speed and manifest with equal ease. The discipline in this newly found pace will be grounded in you by some sort of authority. Don’t fight it Cancer. By the end of the year you have a complete change in your situation. A new, more productive cycle starts and you will end up traveling a lot due to it.

Slipping into the money for 2019. There are constant decisions and partnerships all of this year. Three is an important number for you when it comes to ideas, people, team members, students or even colleagues. There will be celebrations for the new streams of income that will open up. Going the traditional route is what will work the best for you. There is abundance in the surety your emotions bring you. Be aware of Air signs that don’t feel right. It is possible to get cheated by them this year. An important pattern is about to get resolved on the financial front that takes away with t the blocks you have felt so far. At the end of 2019, you will already be looking at savings and a new path ahead in this avenue.

Relationships see the ghosts of the past coming back to haunt you. But you are one step ahead of them. After a lot of contemplation and blaming the self and taking alone time, you have come to a strong emotional foundation. You have become clear and know what you want and what you really are when it comes to the sharing if your emotional treasure with another. There are new offers that come for this power but you now know how to defend yourself. There is a complete transformation in your being and you are now not afraid to lose parts of yourself that don’t serve you. This makes you emotional royalty. You are on a new journey to the kind of life you have decided to create for yourself. There will be travel with the ne you love.

Health is going to go through a process that not just heals your body but also my mind. When old ailments resurface, you know how to deal with them. Going natural is best for you this year. Don’t wait till the end of the year, do it already. By the end you are going to be a new person all together. But this will require a lot of hard work and solo time when you hold on to your decisions and stand your ground against suggestions and pushes from the others. There will be a sudden furthering of your new found knowledge through teaching, writing or even talking.

Summing it up…
Look at the work you have done and can do…
Decide on the right path on the money for you…
Love for the self, will undoubtedly grow…
Health will sprout the seeds you sow.


2019 is going to be a year of speed. You will have to keep up with the pace if you are not amping it up yourself this year Leo. It’s time to drop the burdens of the past and move into a more caring space. Something that comes naturally but you don’t show. If you get caught in the mind and its drama this year, you will miss out. Things can get heated up very fast this year and get as soaked as easily.

Starting with work, you have a beautiful new beginning. This is something you have willed yourself, not been pushed into. There is travel on accord of your talent to bring about new ideas and work on their execution. You are a good person to have a team leader as you can keep people together with your humor. This cycle you are starting this year will obviously mean an end to an old one. Just celebrate it. Allow your innate emotions to surface in the work place more than usual to have the nest connect. May be this year you want to give something back to your old employer or workplace.

Money will start with feeling a little like a burden you have carried over from last year. But it is the end of that feeling as family and close ones come together to support. This will definitely be a new beginning to your financial energy. Either they invest in your work or they give you sound advice about it. Around the middle of the year there seems to be some differences in opinion and some egos flaring and it could bring all that you have created down. But this is the opportunity to start a fresh, by yourself. There can be some Cancerian help here. Find your path forward.

The relationships are going to answer your demand for the truth this year. You seem to be getting more stubborn that you need to and look at the back all the time. You seem to be game to dig up the past and read a lot into it. Your research will possibly give you a bad time when it comes to sleep and rest. Mind year you will want to take some time for yourself and find your own zone again. There could be a break up here and you find your feet again. At the end you seem to be going to a new journey’s start. This is an energetic beginning and the perfect to way to let go of the past. Not easy, but can be done.

Health is actually getting more than affected by the way you are thinking. Most of this year there will probably be more speculation of illness than actual illness. For most people anyway. There are a few people who will get out of this and start making the most of what they have and get well before anyone can say Illness! The new avenues with a little traveling will be compelling to take on. The only thing stopping you is the mind. There can be a big surgery in some cases. Just don’t be slow with action this year. It will cost you big time.

In conclusion, 2019 for you Leo,
Work can start with new action
Money will stabilize by a fraction
You shall be your own new love at last
Health will prosper if you put aside your mind Fast!

As a word of caution… Don’t let things get hot and dry.


This is a year of many decisions, re-starts, family support and bringing back balance in your life through meeting yourself and grounding within.

Work is going to be erratic. There will be some wrong decisions and you may have to restart. The family will be with you through all of it though, supporting and cheering you on. Time and again you will need expert advice from an Earth Sign or a Fire Sign. When you ask for advice follow it and leave your stubbornness aside. A possible run in with the law will have a Libra come and help you there. It will all be settled eventually. The end of the year sees you going on a trip for work. This may be a passion project you have been wanting to do for a while now.

Money is going to start with a new idea of expansion. This will make you take a few trips and they will have appropriate results. You may start something new with this information and soon become a master at how to best monetize it. It will eventually lead you to balance after some bad decisions and false starts. Be aware of Capricorn energy. Of manipulations and lies. Some people around you will need to be let go of. This not going to be easy, but it has to be done for the prosperity of the given projects.

Relationship wise there are decisions to be made more than once. You will have to reevaluate your situation time and time again because more and more of the truth will show up. Old energies may want to come back too. But you have to be firm about what you want and stick to it. There are chances of taking some risks and succeeding with them. At one point you may need divine help to get you back on track. Just be aware of all the opportunities that come because there is chances of you missing out on some very loving and grounding ones. You will recognize yourself by the end of the year and be able to decide what you truly want.

Health is going to have you focusing on the heart more than anything else. Emotionally you are going to have a tough time and that is going to affect you physically. The warning here is to make sure you are open and sharing your emotions so that they go not get clamped in. stand your ground when it comes to health or more can go off. A Cancerian and an Aries will be the best help you will get this year. Experts will have to travel to as well.

In a nutshell, Virgo, 2109 is this…
Be aware of the people you give you power to
Be it work or money,
It’s going to be a confusing time
When you start dealing with your Honey.
Emotions are going to affect health
Be aware, or people will call you funny!


Suddenness is going to be a strong feature, all this year. From being indoor, nursing your insecurities to trying to brave a few conflicts that can be easily sorted, Libra your year seems to be an epitome of an extreme this 2019. The saving grace is your ability to invite emotion and stick with them.

Relationships have the most surprises this year. They are going to start with a bang all of a sudden and with great speed. You will need to hold yourself in place. Some of you could rush into an engagement or even a wedding or having a baby. But you have to be careful for this is what may give you sleepless nights and second guess your decisions. There is a huge chance of it in the second half of the year. But you just need to go with the flow to balance out your emotions and that of the other. By the end you will have a beautiful new beginning with your partner or someone new if you are single.

Health is not looking as lucky though. There is a lot of heat and air roaming the body. This also means that the mind is on overload. The joints and the bones can be problematic. Tale special care of the spine. In the healing methods, the traditional ways will work much better and you will benefit from trying them. It is going to be a long struggle with something or the other, this year. Mentally you need a place for release. Start writing or sharing in some way to ease yourself out. Finally it does seem to be coming to an end, but in 2020. Some cases may be lost.

There is conflict in the money department this year and you will possible have to let go of a notable amount in the beginning. But he conflict can be sorted if practical steps are taken in good time. Don’t get too emotional or hot headed about this situation. Going on there are going to be many opportunities and you may feel cornered by all of them. But this will be a spring board where you can rise from again. If you don’t ideate and maintain a balance, but only keep your fiery energy going, this may not be of much benefit. In the end you can be seen grieving over all that you seem to have lost, again, not paying attention to what is still present.

Work is starting with you trying to save what you think you need to, not realizing that if you don’t let it lose, it cannot multiply for you. You seem to be a little afraid of letting go of ideas and resources you have amassed up until now. Yet, you have the help of the family and close friends who will stand by you no matter what. There is also a Taurus or Aries individual who will help you to understand and discipline your mind in the year. The advice is to work with and use their guidance. You are going to have a new beginning at the end of the year and it will be one that is worth taking up. You will love it

To sum it up, Libra…
Getting unstuck at work will make it better
The money you have at hand, is what will matter
Relationships will be a roller coaster
Health will need you to patiently foster.


It’s a fire year for you, Scorpio. And you being a water sign have to be careful on two fronts. Don’t let your water extinguish the fire and don’t let the fire dry up all your water. It is a mighty passionate year of suddenness, speed, defense, a little waiting and finally lots of celebrations. The fire can destroy a few things. But the water can bring back some. It’s an ebb and flow kind of year that you have to keep from blowing up into steam.

The year starts with a sudden rush of work and too much energy to deal with. Keep the electronics safe and working, there is a chance they may funk. There is a lot of important communication coming your way through the electronics. There is a chance of a Leo individual coming in to help too. They will be a source of strength and courage for you whilst dealing with all this energy. Mid-month you will possibly have to take a break to restructure the work. There is so much new, it needs to be looked at before it can be incorporated. But by the end there is a shakeup in the work zone. All this heat can lead to some angry out bursts and the Egos can flare too. Things can come crumbling down.

Money makes you wait before it finally comes. All the old money that was owes to you will start returning during the first half of the year. Chances of an old employer or an old job or client returning to do business with you or hire you are very strong. Just be sure you want to give this a second chance. By mid-year, you will be juggling a lot of finance and opportunities to expand. When you invest, make sure to diversify into more than two places. Emotional leads are also coming back to give you a chance with money again.

The relationships need you to stand your ground and stick to your beliefs. You cannot be bending before another’s mind and leave yours out. There will be some strong potential for conflict but it will get resolved easily too. You will need some time to introspect and make sure you are on the right track for your personal good and what you plan to do in life. Come mind year you will have a decision to make. You will have to see things for what they are and not avoid looking at and hearing the truth. At the end you have a new beginning coming from the old by overcoming a block. There is a pregnancy indicated too. There is a celebration with the close ones.

Health is just great all year through. The areas you need to be aware of is blood and energy levels. Have your vitamins to maintain them. There is travel and a lot of celebration in the first half of the year. The second half is about you working more on the emotional level. Find creative ways to express yourself. End of the year you have to be strong and not get caught in the illusions of what can go wrong with your health. There is a chance you feel there is a lot.

To sum it up, Scorpio…
Relationships turn out well in the end
The mind’s health is what you have to defend
Money for the past will return
The energy may make the work feel like a burn!


Many cycles seem to be culminating this year and new ones are beginning. You have to be cautious of making some wrong choices because of outside influences. Family is going to take precedence over much else in this year, Sagittarius.

Work is the area where you may succumb to making the wrong choices. You have the support of the family and may also inherit the business. After which you have to careful of the people you employ or the ones that carry on under your leadership. Wise investments are important so that you do not feel drained of all your resources in the end. Be cautious of Capricorn energy around you. It will have lessons to teach.

Money is seeing you complete some big cycles. This could be projects that you have wanted to close for a while. But it seems like you may jump a few steps with the next cycles. You will have to back track, just a step, and start with the basics. Do not dismiss anything this year as something you have already done. Travel is indicated with this avenue too. Finally you will get on with it and start planning the year with the kind of enthusiasm you truly needed to in the first place.

Relationships are doing really well for you this year Sagittarius. You are going to go through an entire cycle of not accepting the warmth of family and relating to them form old thought and behavior patterns to realizing the truth of each individual person and finally coming to a settled perspective. This is going to conclude in the happy and content family energy you have been looking for. Just don’t allow the anger to come in your way. Lead with the heart here.

Health is glorious through most of the year. You will be celebrating wellness and also working more and more towards it. You will do this by yourself and the others will stand by and support you. But you will not be dependent on anyone. Towards the end of the year you are going to cross a difficult obstacle that stood firm in the way. This will bring you to a celebration again. The caution kicks in here. Don’t take the good health for granted, no matter what. There are chances of you making some wrong decisions that can have all that hard work collapse. Be careful.

To sum it all up Sagittarius…
At work family stands by you
With money you need to chip in too
Relationships finally reach a happy space
Health needs you to go at the devil with a mace.


2019 is a year where you are rarely in your element. It’s a learning year that brings you many beautiful opportunities to open doors within yourself you have kept tightly shut. You may do things that will be against your basic nature. This will give you the chance to come face to face who your truth. It is going to be a bumpy ride this year Capricorn, get ready.

Alternating between hot and cold, work, is going to be more of search within you. You will deal with some massive criticism and try to come out of it by sharing newer ideas that you believe may work. Help from someone who is very close and dear to you is possible. This may take a while and you may possibly have to take a long rest before you hit the spot with work. The truth is that you just want to change a lot about your work. It’s like you want to go back to beginning. A change in work may be called for.

Expansion in how the money comes is the plan you are working on. It may lead you to breech another’s boundaries though. Somewhere you can feel a change about to come all of a sudden and you are prepping for it. Something form the past is about to catch up. May be some investments you made or a job you did in the past. A realization will it and things will get clearer. You will have new ideas but wait for the right time to execute them.

Relationships are taking a serious turn. Some of you may get married or engaged and this happens because you are the kind of person someone can trust in a relationship to fall back on. Yet, you know you have a decision to make that will impact you for a long long time. You have to know you are ready. What you have an inkling about but are not facing up to in the drama of it all is. You still need time. You are not ready to work at the speed things are moving. Its needs to slow down.

Health is going to be eventful this year. A big surgery needs to happen and it will eventually show up. But to start with, you have a certain big decision you have to make so that it eases your life. You have to allow the partiality to open space for emotions too during this decision. The burden is not yours to carry, alone. It impacts the people around you too. Deep within you want to go back to having the kind of energy you always had. But it might take a while.
To sum 2019 up, Capricorn…

A redesign is what work calls for
Incoming money needs to be checked at the core
Relationships need to go slower
Good health will only hover.


This year sees you being rather stuck and stubborn, not really using your mental and intellectual abilities very strongly. But emotions seem to be allowed in the mix with the rigidity and this will bring you to a better place eventually. There can be a chance you are going to grieve about a few things that you let go or missed out on. But it will eventually settle down.

You are moving to a better place with work. Things that were stuck will start moving and you will feel a lot freer. The Capricorn energy will possibly get you to think only about yourself and your ways. But you also have a balance in the Virgo energy. They are both earth and yet balance each other out well. Soon you will have found a master who will help you understand the way you will best grow your work and prosper with it. Just remember to take action in good time.

There is come massive Capricorn energy with your money aspect. This may lead you to make some wrong decisions about money but also keep you very organized. You may want to outsource your investment work. Look very carefully before you really start trusting another with it completely. Your ability to communicate will very helpful. Just don’t trick anyone this year coz it will come back to bite you. The Leo energy will keep you fired up for action.

Relationships are seeing you move into a better and more grounded space within yourself. You can let go of the hurt that you are still thinking about. This may take a while as you will take a while before getting into an important relationship. You may feel alone. But soon some Sagittarius energy will have you fired up about a relationship. If you work on this peacefully there is a win in this situation. You may be in a relationship by the end of the year. It may get serious if you are already in one.

Health is looking like a little more conflict than sorting out. You had a chance to change something up until now but did not. Now you have many option to consider regarding the path you want to follow. You have to go back and spend some serious time with the professionals to make sure of your next move. There may be some cutting away of old habits and beliefs. It may also mean a certain surgery. Thankfully you already have a base that you can build on. Everything you did in the past will be handy for your health now.
To sum 2019 up for you Aquarius…
Thought in work will gradually start to show
Plan it well and money will start to grow
Relationships will slowly move to a win
Health needs to be looked after with help from kith and kin.


In most aspects Pisces, 2019, is going to be a year of swiftness for you. You will have to make an effort to slow down and very consistently too. Even if you want solo time it will be extremely difficult to come by, but the rewards of time together will be unparalleled.

Work is going to have you master the art of communication with emotional openness and an infectious energy. Things that you have enjoyed doing when you were growing up will possibly present themselves to you to make a career from. Siblings will play an important part in this situation. Some decisions will be difficult to make and you will need the help of some Aquarius, Taurus or Cancer energy to do it. Try to stick to traditional ways of communication. You have the energy, now just activate it.

With money you may feel like you are pushed in a corner and don’t know what direction to go in. You will try to grasp at many open doors and succeed at a few. But there is no need to give up hope. Don’t expect too much to come from one project. You will have to keep yourself amply busy to have the kind of money you need. You might want to give up at some point with all the pressure. Yet, by the end pf the year you will possibly have three things you are doing and they are giving you just the right kind and amount of abundance.

Relationships are beautiful this year. You may start a new one or take a step into making the present one way more serious than it already is. Some may get married and the partner can have a very Taurus energy to them. Being disciplined and sometimes stubborn. This will help you tap into yet another level of your courage. A Leo kind of courage and potential will manifest and this will make relationships more fun and exciting. Something or someone new, in this avenue, is about to make things pleasantly serious in your year.

With health you are about to have a wonderfully strong insight. This realization will change the way you treat yourself, body and mind. When you do, just remember you need to hydrate the new regimen from time to time. The potential of a sudden relapse of a condition you thought you had left behind, is what will be responsible for it. Exchanging notes with others about it may be helpful to a limit. But you will have to make some deep lifestyle changes to win this battle but yourself. You have support, but it’s your journey.

To sum it up for you Pisces…
Work will benefit from traditional thinking,
Money will keep you unblinking,
Relationships are their juiciest best
Health will prove to be a sneaky test.


Pushtiie ~*~
Jai Ma

Gratitude for the artwork to