There is a lot of emotional and fiery energy mixing in this month for you Aries. The adventurer in you seems to be waking up in the relationship department. You might take a risk with a group of people or one specific water sign. You will consider going on a trip as well and a one full of magic. But you need to take care of your health. All this adrenalin could cause breathlessness or chest problems along with a slight pressure in the head. Slow down. Try alternative medicine like herbs or homeopathy to help you thought this phase. You will recover soon. At work there seems to be a new partnership that will become a serious bond. It can also be the cup in your relationship. A new experience is waiting to be had with this individual and the team you decide to put together. Keep them under wraps till you are sure of all of them. A work trip is possible. The finances seem to be needing little more attention. A loan or a new investment partner, a water sign, again, is possibly making an entry here along with a Virgo. The combination is grounded and fluid at the same time. To bring it all together, you will have to spend some time by yourself and see the logic. It cannot be a fiery, impulsive plan of action that is usually your style. Give intuition a chance this month Aries.


This month is all about slow progress and letting go with a strong doze of realization. Health wise you will have to deal with addictions be it drink or drugs, sex or gambling. The energy of addiction is going to stop you or someone close to you from achieving their full potential. This needs to be dealt with as soon as you realize it. Massive body aches and emotional upheaval will manifest too. The recovery will be slow and confusing at time. Relationships will start to feel like a burden and you will want to set them down at the soonest. There will come a moment where you will be pushed to make a choice. One important enough to impact the entire year. Just remember not to make this decision under any kind of influence. Think with a straight head before you choose. Happiness with come from the slow but steady stream of work. It may get very frustrating at times. But you have to make sure you keep at it. There is also a few new avenues opening up for the money to come in. Your talent is, still, going to be appreciated but people will, still, want it in another form. This will again open you new avenues of finance for you. Take this opportunity instead of walking away. Grounding is being confirmed this month with the quality of work you are going to be offered. It may come from a Water Sign, specially a Cancerian. The quality of water will increase the depth of your work too.


It’s all about your mind and the games you are allowing it to play with you this month. Health this month will need special attention. There are chances you will indulge in drinking and other mood altering substances that can lead to addictions because you can be a little over worked. You will also feel sexually bound this month and unfocused on it. The energy is drained but you will recover very soon. Avoid taking medicine. Just learn to relax with a meditation or breath technique and all will be fine. The relationship is doing well on the family front. There is a sense of togetherness and happiness. A feeling of completion. You will feel fulfilled there. But there is the work pressure that is killing the fun. Someone in a legal profession, and may be a Libra, will shake or make things up here. The decision from last month, at work, is going to become more important this month. Your investments need to be done carefully with the help of an Earth Sign. Don’t let anyone disregard or dominate your ideas or decisions when it comes to expanding your work. There can be a conflict with an Air Sign with work and money. But it looks like you are have this conflict within, being an Air Sign yourself. Step out of the prison of your mind this month and the work and the money will settle down easily. This will require you to find a way to understand your mind and its motivations. What is the need to keep yourself in a problem and trapped mindset? It is in your hands to be able to undo this.


There are partnerships and a journey with standing you ground as the obvious energy this month. But under it the energy talks about too much thought, heart break and being fair. An Earth Sign may come to you with a proposal of love this month. But you are going to be very skeptical from a past experience you may have had. The offer can be one of settling and the beginning of a new, long term commitment. It is possibly something you have been waiting to have. There is a possibility of you breaking their heart in the fear of your own heart being broken, may be again. But with work, you may have the chance of a new partnership or strengthening an old one with another Water Sign possibly. There can also be new work offers that you will have to tactfully consider before you accept. It can come from an Air Sign. There can be travel involved with work too. The money is getting better and you are seeing how you can clearly increase the inflow. There may be some papers to sign and some rules to lay down, officially and legally, before you start. May be a Libra individual or a lawyer can look into it. With health, you will see the need to make plans and stick to them with everything you got. There may be no illnesses but you will want to work on your body. Remember there are many options you can work with and the more people you ask, they will increase do your own research and then stand your ground about what you want to do for yourself.


Al though you are trying to find a balance with yourself this month, on the surface you are manifesting it as a time to see the truth and get what you want through a little ill-health. Just like January, February is carrying the potential of massive head problems. Like the aches and the migraines are constant. You might feel like doing some research about the illness but that too will stress you out. In the end there is conflict about the path of the treatment and the decision about which one to have. With money you are finishing a cycle and seeing the truth about the kind of experiences and people you are surrounded by. You may be a little confused and unsure this month. But there is a new offer coming from someone you already know. This can be a good stable beginning but you will have to work really hard on its growth. It can come from someone younger than you. At work, you may be cutting people out and severing the relationships you have had for a while now. But there are new relationships developing there. Offers that you may get or give will be a passionate option to indulge in. It will come for a very loyal person too. Relationships in general are interesting. Through communication and clear intent you will be able to create the kind of space you want. But it looks like a work trip will keep you away from your beloveds. Let this not stop you from building on it further with your emotions. Bringing something bright and fresh to the relation is are great step this month. Offering grounding and surety will go a long way too.


Adventure, nostalgia, conformation and caution are the energies of the month for you Virgo. Work sets you of on a new adventure that you need to engage caution. It is obviously going to be really exciting but you will miss grounding all through it. You will have to get out of your comfort zone and possibly travel too. Someone, a Fire Sign, may be the person you have to tackle to get this venture going. But there will be success and a new avenue for money coming in. There can also be a shift in the house circumstances because of work. The money is going to come from all the advertising you will do and the moves you will make to be seen more publically. This might cause people around you to become uncomfortable and pick a fight. Don’t get taken in by their beliefs of how you need to do things, follow your heart. Your relationship is also giving you the same kind of advice. Follow your heart and re connect with the people you have had differences with especially if they are siblings. An old lover can also try to come back. The only caution with this nostalgia is the amount of ego hassles you will have to overcome to settle into a loving space. Know that these are all silly, almost like a pillow fight that you need to be in control of and you can do it. With health you can feel very tired and low. Be careful about the kind of treatments you are offered for they may be wrong and addictive. Keep away from drugs, alcohol or gluttony this month. Your emotions will play an important part in regulating your health.


Endings to new beginnings, deep realizations to confusion and finally slow progress is all that you will see on the surface this month. But beneath it there is a strong will to create what feels right and living life to the fullest. At work you are going to finally cut the last strings that held you back and walk into a new beginning. This is something you saw coming for a bit. The new that attracted you is also right there and you are about to embrace it. Communication and the ability to create what you really visualize is prime here. Right now you can create anything. You are in a powerful space. With money you have a few lessons to learn. Your loyalty is endearing but does that project, idea or person really deserve it? But a new offer here is going to make it all worthwhile. Remember to invest wisely and only after you have taken stock of everything you have currently available. Health is doing well. Progress is slow if there is an issue needing to be sorted out. There can be a trip for health reasons this month. You have been taught some lessons and this month ends the cycle that you need to finally move out of. Restructure the daily routine or take the time to create one, and you will see a huge improvement. You have the necessary resources to do it. The relationships have you confused and you are unable to make a decision. You are closed to any kind of input and that is what it feels difficult. But you have Leo energy in your month and either that will further confuse you or help you come to a resolution. Just be aware that your decisions are your own and not influenced by another.


Melodrama may be a part of this month but it also includes celebrations and stability. There are a lot of avenues to create strong foundations in. You could start working in a group of same gender individuals this month and it will be like a celebration. There will be many points of view but there will be an attitude of balance with the collective. Different areas of work will be easy to handle all at the same time with the togetherness of the group. Money needs to be looked at very practically. There is no time to give loans or take them. Look at the kind of experiences you have had in the past with an emotional outlook on it and learn from it. Now you need strong mental and intellectual input for the path ahead. Plan and follow the plan to the “T” if you want to have a clear indicator of how the money will come. A Cancerian or a Libran energy will give you the much needed balance here. In your relationships you are going to want to move ahead in absolute excitement. You will even give it a chance by your past experiences may stop you from going all the way. Remember it is in the past. Ask yourself, can I change the way I look at it and therefore change the way I feel about it? Health feels good this month. The structure of the body, the skeleton {bones} need some attention. But you will be crossing a certain block that has been causing issues and this will be a happy and long term solution.


This month is a lot of earth energy for you. This means you will be stable and taking things slow. But that does not mean you cannot have a fiery burst once in a while. There are some big realizations and old energies returning too. This is talking to your relationship aspect. There is a potential of an old flame coming back and you realizing what they meant to you. This person can be an earth sign, possibly a Taurus individual. You may spend a good amount of time getting nostalgic and going down memory lane, realizing this is the kind of person you have been looking for all along. Allow your emotions to center stage this month. This stage is the one that will give you clarity in your relationships. Health is getting better but you have some big decisions to make. A second surgery or a second opinion. Remember you will need help and there are people ready to give it to you. A trip abroad in search for answers may also be possible. Work is looking interesting because of the new method you may be applying to it. Younger part time or freelancing employees, will bring a fresh out look to the work this month. The work you do will start looking, more obviously, at making the money you want to. The energy is going to be all systems go. This new attitude is going to have excitement and adventure printed all over it. Totally up your ally. You will be in your zone with the money and possibly have help form another Sagittarian this month. There will be a good opening to share and give to charity too. This will make things ingesting with regard to tax. The secret will be open and honest communication with everyone involved. A new offer can come and help you build on your financial stability.


Expansion and discipline will go hand in hand for you this February, Capricorn. The new beginning continue but this time the emotions are not going to be left out. You will have to give then their due space and importance. The expansion at work will of course make you busier but you will find the time to employ more people to help with it. They will possibly do it as charity work and be happy with a token of love as payment. You on the other hand will be in a constant inner debate about the path to take forward with work. It may feel like being on a constant crossroads or at a fork in the road. A Gemini individual can be of some help here. So don’t go in all at once take a step at a time to be sure of how the progress is feeling to you. Control you mind from creating an imaginary future. A combination of Aries and Pisces energy on the money front can make it a little foggy or Smokey. You are going to have to deal with two completely different viewpoints and method this month. You will want to enforce the discipline but some secrets will need to open up before you do that. You will get to know the truth of a few people you are working with too. Don’t get rigid and judgmental on them. It is better to just drop them instead. More Pisces energy is teamed with Taurus energy on the relationship front. This talks about you possibly being or meeting someone who is reliable and dependable. Abundance is flowing in every way and you are feeling confident and balanced enough to make an offer. You may even receive one. This individual can have artistic abilities and will challenge your emotional space to open and show up. Things month health is cooling down a bit and that is going to feel comfortable. But it is not going to last very long. You will want to shake thing up and decide to go trekking or spend some time in nature amongst mountains. Don’t take wellness for granted and miss out on something fresh because of that. You can find a way to ground your health this month. Grab at it.


After serious introspection and some measure of heart break, there will be new manifestation. But you may have to get out of the way and put your mind at rest if you want that results to be the best possible. There are even small victories you have to focus on too. But be sure to stand your ground and defend your stand. With work you have the ability to start new. Even if it is in the area that you have already been exploring or doing forever, there is the potential of creating something new. Just be aware of being too uninformed about everything that is involved from the risks to the kind of people. You will also have a few faithful people whose advice and guidance can be heeded. With month there may be a small heartbreak or a criticism of how you have handled it. But this will give you a chance to look, carefully, at what the current situation is. This in turn will guide you to make sensible and calmer decisions. Investments and savings need to be looked at again. Don’t live in the past anymore. Relationships will have a change in equations too. You might want to prove a point and that will make you come across as dominating. But if you don’t there is a chance that you will have to bend and follow the partners lead. That too is not a bad idea. How you deal with it depends on how the rest of your life is affecting you in that moment. Finally health sees a small victory. But this will only happen after you come out of the self-victimization mode. This time it’s more about your mental health than your physical health. But if you keep up with some kind of activity to change your mental state, it will be a great help.


The element this month Pisces, is fire for you. There is a lot of energy and power in your month that will lead to things becoming serious. New beginnings and also the developing of potent patience that lead to a certain finality now. Health is going to need some attention. If you rest well this month you will be energized enough to work forward. But this is the month of patience and stepping into the galleries to just watch. What you have started, a treatment or otherwise, will finally start showing some kind of results. You may have to travel over a water body for this to happen. On the relationship front, you will find a new way to relate to your partner, sexually. Together there is a chance for a touch of spirituality to come in and this will make a positive change. The one in charge will be blessed to have accepted this responsibility and be well supported by the significant other. It will bring the two of you out of a dry and heated patch. There will be a calmer space now. While working you will find partnerships that will become serious and all of a sudden too. A small trip to sign contracts and celebrate are very possible too. Be sure you know that there are many surprises around the corner. No need to look for guidance here, just be open and accepting of the blessings come to you. Be sure of your electronic communication this month. This will also start new energy in the money area. A Taurus energy maybe of great help here. You will get settled on the financial front or at least make a start. There is the potential of meeting someone through the work or the financial space. There could a partnership with an older individual that will prove very fruitful for you Pisces.

Blessed January
Pushtiie ~*~

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