Settling into observing what has grown and yet creating magic with what that to move way ahead is your mindset for the month. The relationship is finally stabilizing as you look at the situation with a grounded approach. You are finally seeing sense and cutting your losses to move forward. It is time to focus on what makes you heart sing and find peace. This will lead to a beautiful family energy. A small trip with them is also on the cards this month. It can be a simple picnic where everyone is just sitting around together and chatting after a while. Everyone’s health is looking good. The only thing to be aware of is the joint pains with too much wind in the body. Gluttony and then tummy upsets seem to be prevalent too. But all of this seems to be stemming from the celebrations that success at work is bringing. You are going to be very innovative and that is going to pay off. New projects are getting finalized and the pay for them is better than you had expected. This can be a difficult project that needed your special Aries energy of adventure and risk taking. It will prove perfectly efficient this time around. You will finally slay the dragon and have a party to celebrate it after. Know that the tools you use on this project are best taken from what is already available. It’s not wise to invest in more raw material right now. Finish what you already have, first.


There is a lot of new beginnings this month after last month’s endings for you Taurus. Then energy is going to be so strong, you are going to need to consciously calm yourself down. The relationships are going to be volatile. The smallest thing could erupt into a full-fledged fight. Here your ability to let go of your point and understand another’s is going to be important. See it as an opportunity to get out of your stubborn space. It will do wonders. Health is improving in leaps and bounds. The only thing to check up on is the blood pressure and other bodily liquids. Start affirming your healing with your mind as well now. Work is going to start getting the kind of foundation you have been trying to create now. Certain projects will get confirmed and you will immediately be called for more too. The advice is to avoid getting too sure of yourself and taking on too much. Remember to keep that team around you. Money will come beautifully but you will have to do a lot of physical work for it. Late nights and some travelling. At times you might feel like you are doing more than you are compensated for. In that case take a closer look and if it is true, learn to draw some boundaries. But the truth is that you have enough energy this month to do this and much more. Don’t let any kind of illusions and limitations fool you, Taurus.


This is a month of hard work, decision making, introspection and finally hard work in alone time at the surface. Beneath it is a need to balance things out and resist what you know is wrong. Work is a very creative energy this month. You will have to spend some alone time to get stuff done and the good news is it is almost drawing to a finish. If you allow it, there can be a Water Sign, possibly a Cancerian who will help you come to a beautiful finish. You will receive a lot, projects or finances and want to turn them into profitable future investments. The money is a tough energy this time. You will have to avoid making the wrong choices with the projects you choose or the ones you bid on. Take time to spend with yourself to make your decisions. It is not going to be an easy month. Stay away from spending, for the business, unnecessarily. You need to be more cautions of where your mind is talking you. There can be a third party situation on the relationship front. It looks like either an older Water Sign man or a younger Earth Sign woman. This can lead to a lot of truth being exposed and you having to deal with the question of who you hold dear and who you can cut loose. But the fact that you need to am you your romance/caring quotient does not change. Make an effort this month Gemini. The health is taking about joint pains and sexual dysfunction with long term effects. But if you are not stubborn and can follow good advice you will be able to heal from it in good time. Accept the guidance you are being given and take a trip to heal if you need to.


Above all the conflict, decision making and needed rest, August, is talking about taking you time to firm up your foundation and include tradition to take the appropriate actions. Work has an interesting energy to it. You are making some important choices but are not going to settle for them yet. You will benefit from talking about them to anyone, especially, trying to clarify or defend them. These choices will show you successful results a little later. Follow your personal balance this August. Don’t be afraid to show up for the things you love. A similar energy for money is telling you that you will have to move on from what you feel you have lost as a stream of income. There are still a few constantly providing for you. Get over this conflict and you will be able to have a very stable foundation to your financial life. There is a certain completion that was much needed for a while now. Begin anew and this time you will have stability. Keep this stability with your relationships as well. You are going to be in a space where you don’t see eye to eye with a partner. Your ideas are different and overly radical for them. Bullying and making them submit to going with you on the journey you have decided to take will be the first instinct, but stay away from it. This is not the right time to share your with everyone. With health, there are some interesting changes. You will want to change from a routine and include some well know aspects to it. Like change from allopathic medicine to naturopathy. There can be a moment where you just want to drop everything and just give yourself a good rest. May be this constant need to make things right is pulling you lower. It is time to listen to your inner wisdom with your health.


A lot of progress and growing this month for you Leo. There is a complete balance between the focus and the flow. Parents are going to ask for attention too. Health wise, something is getting over, finally. The body will start feeling more alive after you have taken the kind of rest you need. Come back to being your energetic self, Leo. Pay attention to sleep patterns this month. See how they can be balanced with the amount of work you want to do. There is a lot of work but you seem to be getting rather bored with it. You do want to get the job done but your mood swings are keeping you from it. The Libra energy is possibly making you swing from side to side about what you really want to pick from all the options. But there is something new coming. Keep your eyes open. Thankfully money is one big celebration. You are going to have a new project, including liquids or beauty, coming by or an ongoing project conclude successfully. Your ability to manifest this is strong. All it requires is for you to pick and choose your words well. Electronic commutation is key to the creating cycle for you this month. Relationship wise there is a lot of interesting movement. Either you will get into a same sex affair or such a proposal may come. Out of the two people involved, the conflict may be between one using the mind and another the heart. The one with the mind can be a little outspoken and forward looking while the other can be a bit of a drama queen. Even if it is a heterosexual affair. You just need honesty in yourself to settle all your relationships.


The energy of this month hints at difficulties, new openings and settling downs finally. The underlying energy is that of progress and balance with nostalgia and illusions. The most difficult aspect of the month is going to be relationships. You will start seeing the lies and the manipulation. The wrong decisions you have made and people involved with getting you there. Be aware of a Capricorn who may be getting you there. But on the other hand you also need to keep your courage and sight clear for you can be getting caught in the illusion of what you are being shown. Be aware and look for clarity here. Health is much on the same track. Be aware of heart problems that may need a surgery. Be kind to yourself this month and others too. An old ailment may resurface. It can be dealt with by being open and honest about it. Money sees a certain ending that can feel painful. But if you take a moment and observe the other options you will see a much better one. This receding energy has been stuck and stagnant for a while now. The new one will bring you balance with two aspects that you may have been trying to integrate as a gate to money coming in. The party is with work. You might have a new partner coming in. Possibly a younger individual with new ideas and methods that are heart oriented. They will blend in well with you. There is also a party for work. You could start with or invest in something regarding liquids as work.


What you are losing, at the start, is going to come back to you with a little bonus by the end of the month.  All you have to do is keep yourself flowing with no obstacles. You could have had a bit of a bad review at the start of the month. But it will be a great idea to just write it down and remember what it teaches you. For as you progress, you are going to find a simple, steady and constant way in which work will continue. You have a touch of Sagittarius energy here, which will give you the kind of fire you need to forge ahead. There may be some kind of legal action you need to take when it comes to the money, this month. Be sure to give what needs to be given and not hold it back. This is a karmic cycle that is finally winding up. Let it happen. Relationships offer a new start where there is going to have to be a lot of careful and honest discussion. You may even want to consult a counselor to help with the issues at hand. Or there is another step forward on the wedding path. With health you seem to be in a good space. Look at how far you have come with your treatments and where you want to go now. Maybe it is time to get a complete checkup done again. Get all your tests done again.  An Aquarian individual, will help you get the clarity you truthfully need to carry on in the right direction. Health is only going to get better from here.


This month has a lot of Libra energy in it. It holds the potential of you swinging into extremes and makes it difficult to get grounded. But you will thankfully take the rest you need. With work you seem to be in a situation where you feel like you are caught up with no way out. The honest truth here is that you have thought yourself into the situation and you are the only one who can think yourself out of it. If you use the Libra energy to clarify your mind here, it will make a big difference. Just stay focused on the resolutions. Money needs you to take a break from thinking and planning the future. You have help from family or childhood friends and acquaintances. When you let go of the need to control this area of your life you will see that the help will appear automatically. You have been unnecessarily worried and standing in your own way. Maybe you are headed for a separation in the relationship aspect. Besides being a divorce it can also be a fall out with someone close you. It can be a legal matter. Other than this one aspect, there is love and togetherness in the family, almost like you are going to travel together on a family vacation. You seem to be taking the natural path with health and making good progress. The burden of all that you have tried before is getting to you and you just want to let it to. This month you may be able to drop it. The feeling of returning home and getting comfortable in your own body will be the best one you will have had in a while. Un-stress your shoulders with a massage or some light stretching.


August is manifesting externally as a time to move to a better space with strong foundations and also finding spaces for new and fresh beginnings. But this definitely needs some alone time and hard work. After last month with work you might want to spend some time along and deal with it all. You will be in a space where you will find the time to introspect and figure out what happened. This will lead to you finding a way to get into a better space with the healing that work needs. You will also be able to carry people with you to that better space and they will all come willingly. This can be an extremely emotional time. But you have it in you to be able to handle it and help the others with it. Money wise you are recognizing the few things that can be corrected or bettered. Your sense of identity may get challenged and you will have to go back to the experiences of the past to find solutions. There is a possibility of being cheated and criticized too much only because, this month, you may not really be able to focus and make up your mind. Go slow. Relationships have you feeling more grounded. You have Capricorn energy to help you settle and grow. It also needs some self-time to work out your own issues. The happy part is that you are almost there, just two more steps and you will. The guidance is for you to find a connection between what you call stability and how you believe you will achieve it. Health feels satisfactory this month. You may find new ways to enhance it but may also have to be ready for some cuts. This can be anything from a surgery to a paper cut. Check your blood levels and get some tests done if you are guided to. But overall it is a satisfying month health wise.


Finding equanimity with a sense of letting go and starting over as yourself is what will bring a sense of honest and expansion to this month for you Capricorn. It will happen if you listen to your inner guidance about people and trust. Health is getting better and it seem to be expanding in the right direction. You will possibly want to spend some time by alone to work on what needs your undivided attention. It is not something can help with. Your energy is high and will help you get more focused on sharing what you are dealing with, with a small group of people who need help, possibly. Meeting someone who reminds yourself of you may feel like a lot of fun in the beginning. But as it advances the relationship starts to either get boring or conflicting. It feels like the second options in your month. By the end of this month you may feel a sense of betrayal. It will be so strong you may have back issues, health wise, too. You did seem to want it to work but it possibly may not. Is this a pattern with you? If yes, this can be the end of it. This is an important month for work. It is looking balanced and many new ways of approaching the same job are coming to you. Your intuition is working better and the effort you are making at striking a balance is proving healthy and helpful. Sagittarius energies can be very helpful with the ability to balance and stay grounded. A sense of fun can also be included if you will allow it. Cancerian energy will help with organizing the finances. There may be the need to create a small celebration at work. But this will happen when you let go of what you never were going to. There are emotions with handling the money here and you may not be the best person to do it. Allow all the help you can get.


August is a month of a lot of Fire energy, beloved. There is a certain knowing that you already have with everything you are working on right now. And that is making things much easier.  You are going to make the most of Leo energy as it is so liberally spread on your month. With work, it looks like you are going to have a Leo individual or some one who has those traits that will be in charge. This individual is one that is going to make things fun and effective because that have already learnt their lessons. But if anyone tries to cross them or act difficult, they might have to deal with the “ROYAL RULER” side of them. This can be fun too. If you are seeing your self trying to stand your ground this month, you are on the right track. With money there is something strong and abundant coming in. maybe you entertained some young and different energy into this aspect of your life and that is going to pay off. Things are going to get clearer this month, than they were last month. You will see all that there is to in bright sunshine. This will lead to a few successful and wining decisions. If there is a legal aspect, this month it has a victory. With relationships, some of you may be headed to the alter or a delivery room. You have finally had some clarity about someone from the past and that has helped you make the decision you are about to. Whatever you do don’t start living in the past or cutting people off within learning your lessons. They will only come back to haunt you. With regards to health, you are seeming more balanced this month. Yet, there can be issues with heat within your body. Take measures to calm that down. Cucumbers are well known to give a cooling effect. Your skin may be affected a little too. Take care of your feet. Most of all, your mental health is asking for attention. What is bothering you? You don’t have to hold it all within you. Find someone you can trust and just talk about it, even if nothing is understood. This can even be your pet.


You have a strong but balanced month that will include every sensation, yet! The secret to sail through this one easily is to be grounded. Don’t let the productivity make you fly too high. Instead learn to share it too. Work wise, there is a possibility you will meet someone, romantically. Someone who seems like the right fit. You will also now, express yourself to your coworkers or superiors better than you did before. Just make sure the expression comes form the heart and not a space of ego. You have already thought of what is needed to be said. If you are dealing with an Aries individual be aware of sexual tension that may not end well. Money might make you travel for it. You may go looking for better opportunities. This can be you changing a job or taking on one more to supplement the present income. An older, air sign woman, possibly a Libra, can be of great help. She may be able to lend you the kind of clarity you have been looking for. Just remember you have much to learn and the journey you make could best lead you in that direction. With relationships, it looks like something new just about begun and one of you seem to have your foot on the accelerator. It also looks like some kind of money is involved. That can be buying a house together or making some new investments. There is the energy of setting a strong foundation that will help you grow in the future. The advice is just, take the kind of time you want and don’t be impulsive. If this month, relationships feel slow… you are on the right track. There can also be a marriage or a decision to make a formal commitment. With health, you were resting well. But you still need some more of it. Something seems to have completely reversed in your condition. For example: if you had a life-threatening disease, it can go into remission this month. Or it can go the other way around. The focus though, is on how well you handle it emotionally. You are about to learn new things about health and that will not just benefit you, it will compel you to reach out to many others. Meditate!

Blessed August! 
Pushtiie ~*~

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