The energy this month is slow showing and sometimes unsatisfactory. Starting with work, there are going to be delays in the results of that work you have done. But this is also because you are trying to be the perfectionist. Somehow you are unable to make up your mind about certain aspects. Events will occur that will compel you to rethink your plan of action. Money is coming in steadily and you will have a small celebration this month regarding it. A getting together of family and friends is indicated. The more creatively you allow your work to progress that more money you will make. But you may have to spend a bit of it in the health department. There is a little mental and emotional disturbance. You seem to be carrying a piece of information within you that is causing discomfort. You are going to have some trouble sleeping well and might find some lumps, bumps or cysts in the body. After going to through a small heart break or ego bashing, there is a new beginning to romance. There is an offer coming for you this month. It is an emotional over flow of love and you will take a moment to adjust to it. Remember it is totally worth it. You have the opportunity to let go of past experiences and start afresh. This new beginning may soon turn to something serious and long lasting. Do you see a proposal? It’s definitely possible this month.


Shiny new energy with contentment is the mood for this month. There may be a little conflict with the energy overflow from last month, but it will be just fine. Works wise you will surmount the obstacles and come into a successful phase. This will be beautiful as you will get a chance to work with fresh new, young energy. Someone at work may be having a baby too. This will start the energy of give and take. You will get projects that another will not be able to take and this will start your money rolling again. It will be a blessing. People are going to love and appreciate your work. There is a chance of some money coming in from overseas. Internationally you might make a small mark or start planning work there. Again, like last month, stand your ground with your ideas. Quote the amount of money you deserve and do not budge on it. The same determination in your relationships will bear fruit. You will want more and in a different way, either with the same person or someone new. It depends on how you play it because there is possibly more than one person vying for your attention. You will succeed only if you keep it simple. But with your health there can be a condition that will cause some physical pain and it will be quiet an ordeal. If you go to the same doctor it will not prove fruitful. Find a new one and the results will be better.


There are new beginnings, much required rest and sharing all of this month spiced with a trip or two. Work, money and /or health can all have you travelling. The first two towards new opportunities and health towards a retreat for holistic well being. There seems to be a chance for you to be a donor of some sort this month, be it blood or bone marrow. This will get you thinking about mortality and the things you want to get accomplished in your life. Take care of your hands and fingers. There is rest and discipline indicated in your relationships. The work you put in last month has earned you the chance to just take it easy this month. You will have a lot think about this month on this front. There is strong sexual energy present. But to enjoy it, don’t be too stubborn and self-centered. Explore, not rule this aspect this month. Although there is a new beginning at work, you will feel a little boxed in because there is still some groundwork to be done before you go forward full speed. This may seem like a big obstacle. The feeling will be that of losing time with the unnecessary formalities that stand in the way of your passionate energies. But this kind of a mindset may be responsible for you missing out on new potential opportunity that will bring together your passion and the kind of money you want to earn. Don’t allow the irritation and frustration skip over this. Make sure to be very attentive to the most boring sounding offers that come your way this month.


This month is outlined with the need for rest to digest victories of the recent past, new ideas being toyed with and healing solidifying in the body. There is a beautiful energy of creatively and fresh starts in your relationship area, this month. You are going to be very creative and may be even create a baby. On the whole it is going to be a creative month, if you allow the past hurt to go. There is a strong chance you are being offered a new beginning again and you are just not taking it up. How long will you hold this pain and punish yourself? Yes it was more serious than anything ever before, but it was in the past. Move on Cancer. You are asked to take rest on the work front too. Don’t entertain anything new right now because you are up to your neck in what is already there. You may feel a little depleted when it comes to work but the new jobs and projects are not stopping. There may be a yet another one this month or an old one you had not considered may come back. Be very clear about what you want your schedule to be like. Because with the money you are going to have to start investing now. You are going to have the finances you want and also get any pending dues. Think of investing in a house this month or making long term saving plans. There is so much more coming your way. Health is doing so much better this month. Take a small retreat away from everything if you feel like you need some alone time. It will do you a world of good.


Deep within yourself, this month you want it to be well balanced. May be leaning into more of the feminine aspects of security. But the manifestation is looking rather masculine with taking risks and sometimes going into your shell. With health you are possibly feeling backed into a corner and cannot find ways to get out. But you have a certain right to defend your point of view and you will do it. But this may get you a little too stuck. Don’t be unwilling to look at another’s point of view this month. The challenges will be issues with the head and the heart. Check your circulation and pressure in the ears. Relationships will see you being a little aloof and sometimes cut and dry. You seem to be introspecting again this month. The Virgo energy, though, is keeping your mind on how best you can shift the relationship to the next level. There is a chance of a union or a baby shower this month. There are foundations being created. Although there is money coming and you have Aries energy to help you, you are still not seeing things clearly. It is very foggy and steamy this month. Your emotions can get the better of you if you keep looking in the past. The new offers are not all they are looking like and you have to take it slow, or work on them very hard.  There is internal struggle with decisions here. Work on the other hand is more balanced. You may want to take a break from all the research you are doing. Just fall back on your family. Be it in the house or at work, allow others to help and share the burden. Your need to do it all yourself can also get you into health issues, reconfirming the headaches. Don’t let your insecurities about instability and not having enough pull you down this month.


The keys for this month are awareness, hard work and family.  The month seems to start with some very tempting offers. Any coming from a Capricorn should be well looked at before you step in. this can be something that will cause trouble later, no matter how shiny it looks right now. It may also be a choice you have to make. May be NEITHER is the answer for you. An Air Sign individual, Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, may help you with getting out of this situation. But you will have to listen and obey this person. They will help discipline you mind. With the money coming in from the family or those that feel like family, you will have to be careful. Either a Libra is going to step in to give legal aid or you are going to be called to court by them. It looks like the money you are getting may have to get spent in clearing out this issue. Being careful about the kind of documents you sign this month is of prime importance too. Play fair and nothing can harm you. Romance sees a new beginning and potential travel. You are going to have some very interesting ideas that you can manifest with a clear intentions, communications and no secrets. But you have to balance this excitement with the family and your work. Take one step at a time, this is not the time to rush in. The response you will get will possibly be delayed too. Is there still someone else lurking around your life? Your emotions are fluctuating big time this month. These may feel like a physical issue, but it’s actually only your emotions. The doctors may not be able to find anything wrong and t will just cost you a lot of money and time.


It’s the month to make plans and lay the roots to what you have been dreaming about. But for that to happen you have to cut out a few things, in the past, that did not work that well. In the past you have been doing work that has not been fruitful and somehow that seems to have stuck. Sometimes it brings you a little bit of a violent streak. But you do calm down in time after a little ranting. But it is not going to get sorted out if you don’t start working on investing your time in more than one venture. You have to keep yourself really busy. This month you do have the chance to do it as long as you live in the present. Money is already there but you are afraid of losing it. It might feel like you are planning and saving for a rainy day or a big event. But the truth is that you are just in fantasy world. It is time to make a decision and start making your money work for you. Hoarding because of an insecurity is not the way to create a fortune, Libra. Start investing. Your health is probably a little topsy-turvy. Mostly mentally and emotionally. Physically you seem fine. Could have some pressure coming to the head and ears. But a small retreat break could do you a world of good. With relationships, you have a decision to make. Either with to people or with two ways. Maybe the way you are being treated is not what you like and need to cut away for a while. You need to be very clear about the way you will allow people to treat you and also how you will treat people. Being in your mind with your heart and your senses closed will not do you any good. See the changes two days after the Dark Moon. 


Even though you are moving into a better space overall, choices and heartbreak are popping up here and there. But if you accept the transformations that are naturally happening, you will enjoy the ride. With work you seem to have found a way to reach a more settled space. The conflict is being left behind and you are moving to more mental ease and clarity. You also have a guide looking after you. Almost like an invisible well-wisher. The confusion is easing. You may also be travelling to a new place for a job. This may be a permanent move. You have interesting opportunities this month where you can ground yourself. Money is abundantly flowing your way. The rocky patch is behind you now. The settling and recreating is the present energy. You will have help from Aquarius or Leo energy to carry on with enthusiasm or just gain clarity about the next move. The major transformation is occurring in your relationship area. The way you were before is changing into a completely different one. Just don’t get too stuck to the old you. This may happen because you have too many choices and it’s difficult to choose from. But once the transformation is done you will be more comfortable with yourself and the people around you. Health will need you to look at your joints, blood and your heart. Emotional health is also important this month, do not ignore it. Get your blood tests done and just double check to be sure you don’t need even the tiniest of surgery. You can get better easier if you don’t stay stubborn.


It looks like you are making step wise progress, but the steps are not happening in the chronological order. There is a lot of energy on the month and that might send you into a tizzy. With work you have to be careful about the kind of people you have around you. You can be going down the wrong path with their help. Making the wrong decisions is also possible. Be aware of Capricorn or Capricorn like energy that would lure you into addictive behavior. This may possibly lead to you being criticized by another or do it to yourself. Be if you stay aware it will be just fine. In the money aspect you have more luck. You have clarity and are making plans to expand. A work trip is possible and you may have to cross a body of water. You may also be working with a team that will be rather passionate. Things will get serious in your deal and you will possible crack it! Some one here might catch your romantic interest too. With relationships, you will have a lot to communicate. All this will be loving, caring chatter and banter. There is a giving and receiving of energies that may lead to an engagement or a wedding. For some of you it can be the announcement of a baby coming. But the energy is that of setting and building strong foundations. Health is getting even better now. A Taurus individual will help you bring balance to your life. The methods may be very traditional and very unlike the easiest ones we find. But you can be sure they are loving and deeply nurturing. All the healing will start with finding a new way to deal with your emotions. Love is the best cure!


Illusions are being broken and you may feel uncomfortable but the support of family and the community in general is pulling you through it. You have to find stability instead of allow your ego in or running away. Tradition is creeping into relationships. There’s a chance of a union, marriage or engagement. For some it will be a baby. But beyond all of there is a change you will be taught about love by someone who you do not consider at par with you in some area of your life. You possibly think or feel you are better. It is possible you have looked down upon them. But a very important lesson is coming your way from this individual and they could be a Taurian. This will expand your mind and your energy levels. Health sees you fighting with yourself or with another to prove your point. Here is where the ego gets in the way. When you share a conversation with someone be open to allowing their point of view to be expressed. You cannot wriggle your way into getting everyone to agree. Be aware of falling from heights this month and take care of the spine. Work has you living in fantasy and illusions. You are not being able to see the truth of this situation because of what has been projected. When you realize this you may want to take a little time away from it all. You may decide to take a break and come back later. It can be just from the situation or it can be a physical trip. It remember it is all going to be here when you come back if you don’t deal with it right away. Be ready for it. This will obviously affect the money. You may feel cheated when a certain proposition gets rejected. The good news is that there is something equally valuable on the other side. If only you will look. Go back to the drawing board and reset things. It is not difficult. Be aware of people taking things away from you or you taking from another in a snap of desperation.


Things from the past come up sometimes and need us to stand up for our beliefs. This may cause a little emotional stress but it’s nothing a little grounding and nurture cannot sort out. This may manifest because the wheels of abundance, on every level, are turning. With work, this month Aquarius, you may get questioned about some of your decisions in the past. This will have you taking time to revisit them and understand what motivated them. Some might stay while others will be better adjusted or changed. Just remember not to stay in the past and get negatively affected. It is finally over. Money this month looks great. There is Capricorn energy help for you with organization and taking charge. You will be able to make some very grounded and impactful changes in this area. Forward movement with a firm grounded approach seems to be the result of this month’s changes. If there are people, ideas or projects dropping out, let them go. In relationships you are about to have some strong moments or recognition and realization. This will lead to you seeing things differently and may be taking more of an open stand. Yu may want to go back to an old relationship and work on it again. This may also be an offer coming to you from another. If accepted, it will lead to a lot of hard work and things from the past will get dug up as well. Are you ready for that kind of work to come your way? May be you need time to think for it looks like it can affect your health. Something in relation to the head or the brain may be affected. This can also be just a badgering of the Ego that manifests as physical symptoms. The idea here is for you to stay in your happy space and count your blessings. You are very close to being fit. Take care of blood pressure, drinking and a little weight overall.


April will look like a balanced month and yet it will be one of challenges. There is support from the family and yet relationships will remain strained at various levels. There is temptations and possibilities of boundaries being crossed if emotions are not kept in control. Starting with work, an idea seems to be brewing again that you may have considered before. This time it will have to be taken a little more seriously. Financial back up and other kind of support seem to be flowing in easily for this one. Part of the hereditary abundance may also become part of this project. Just be aware of the risks before you go ahead with what you are planning. On the money front, you may be tempted to over indulge. It can be in an investment or even in the new business venture. It can even be an over dose of charity. To have this under check make sure you know what is motivating you to do what you are feeling pulled towards. A Capricorn energy may be instrumental in your money movement this month. Keep in mind, sharing and creating more abundance thus, is the key to a satisfying mindset. With relationships there is some kind of upper hand drama that will possibly need to be sorted out. On the other hand, you may want to completely avoid it. Whatever you choose you need to know that it is not your fault alone, it is the situation. Stop thinking yourself into a stupor of self-blame. The way out is almost the same as the way in. Health, is getting better as you take charge of what needs to be done.  This is the month you look at it again and re visit your plan ahead. There may be a little travel involved with health.  Emotionally you may make a slight breakthrough and it will bring you to a place where you can rest you mind.

Blessed April
Pushtiie ~*~

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