2019 is going to be a year of adventure for all of us.
Cycles are going to come to an end and new ones are going to begin in many areas of our lives.
For some of us it will be about going back to the start, but this time with more knowledge than ever before.
Some of us will welcome the change while some will try to hold on to the old and feel happy with the known even though it will be mighty uncomfortable.
The thought here is: how much can a known darkness survive when the unknown light is shining brighter with each passing moment.
The expansion of opportunities, all of this year, will make it a time of growth and success.
The mental and emotional space will be one of risk taking and winning with each effort.
We will have the support we need to see clearly and make the right choices.

What we have to take care of is being open and be willing to take the risks.
Transformation is huge this year and up for grabs for each one of us.

Connections with the whole globe will become easier.
The world will come closer than ever before.
Not just through technology but with the kind of lives individuals will choose to lead.
The heart will be given a say this time and we will all listen in reverence.
Nature looks like it will be taken care of.
Groups of people and individuals will start organizations to nurture and protect the environment.

The health on the planet and of the planet will improve as people move towards more natural remedies.
The wisdom of the earth will rise strongly this time.
Not surprisingly, it will be the children and the feminine forces that will being this balance and order about.
They are all about supporting the masculine this time around.
Yet, the masculine will have to take responsibility with all that it has created and work on un-creating it.
The surge of the personal power of the collective will carve the path to the balance we are about to witness.

At the end of the day, the question for us this years is…


Pushtiie ~*~